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I do not know when to begin, Rongcheng Lin Yifei became the oldest secondary school. He led a group of children had a band buddies, hot electric guitar, drums loudly, swinging cover live forehead hair and roar from the song to hysteria. Fights, after one year of gaining the upper hand, are afraid of the whole school Fuzhou aggressive hung this eye color is not too soon [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] throat Henjiao Se. Many girls crush Lin Yifei, secretly love letters stuffed into his bag, and which may never see Lin Yifei girls go Especially in the past. Lin Yifei's friends think it is a .The sorts of stuff at every turn the gang of boys to girls often chase by Lin Yifei. They often took him by blocking the door in the hallway or classroom, pointing to the silhouette of a girl whisper: .? .Chen Xinlan is an exception.
Learning model Shenxin Lan, Lin Yifei best friend Shuai devotedly attached to her, unfortunately, Chen Xinlan eye higher than the top. Shuai Lin Yifei remember the first time asked him to help the situation get tickets. Shuai about him to the playground the day the south gate, he slowly walked over, he saw Alex Lau, ran up excitedly, pointing to a square on the runway: .ceremonial drill team. Lin Yifei deterred back and forth again, faint and asked: .In an average elevation of ten centimeters higher than her next to a square member, does not buzz, not to mention she looks black, thin man, wearing a white tennis hat, the brim of his face covered. Lin Yifei frivolous [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] eyebrows slightly: .Square feet members are stopped, dozens of pairs of eyes look at the Lin Yifei uniform. In Lin Yifei impression, Chen Xinlan has been detached and beautiful, and even now so close to see her, she goes on the faces of some perverse too obscure or trivial, but when she was pegged to the Linyi Fei, Lin Yifei even a little embarrassed . .
He did not answer Minqi mouth, pointing the direction of Alex Lau. Movie tickets to see his hand, revealing a faint smile Chen Xinlan expression. Lin Yifei is not never caught up honors to help people, but naked discrimination, Chen Xinlan or first. She is very giving face to glance Shuai: .Without thinking, he was rude to a drag the Shenxin Lan, striding out of the playground. School sports equipment room did not turn on the lights along the way Chen Xinlan are vigorously struggling, Lin Yifei also know that his strength will be hard on her left wrist and bruises dissipated. Equipment in the dark room, she knocked the basketball football is finally in sight basket, rope skipping wrap the badminton racket, she fell out of heavy, but also turned the table tennis with a box. She fell surely hurt, and he heard her breathing sound. But she did not Jiaoteng little mouth, but broke away Lin Yifei's hand trying desperately to earn not open, the dark of a flutter, biting his arm, The Bronze Teeth general, and the pain Lin Yifei nausea [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Well soon. He wanted to hit people, not a girl if she would, but that moment, he had felt for her mischievous face, leans over her lips in the dark threat, said: ., quiet as snow fell. Her cheeks soft, damp, and had tears. She even cry? His hand loose, and there are moments feel bad, like a needle prick at the apex. Just reaching out for help she wiped her eyes, she stood up at a faster rate, severely scolded sentence: .shouted back: .
Many years ago there lived an Emperor who was so exceedingly fond of fine new clothes that he spent vast sums of money on dress. To him clothes meant more than anything else in the world. He took no interes
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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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