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(Rpm) positions in the Central Sixth Panchen Tatha

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I asked the Buddha: Why are you always sad when I said
snow: winter is past, leave the memory
I asked the Buddha: Why is I do not care Every time it snows the night
The Buddha said: there will always be missed inadvertently, when a lot of really beautiful
I asked the Buddha: it does not snow over the next few days
Buddha: Do not just stare at this season, missed the winter

see and not see the central warehouse Gyatso

you see, or see me I'll be there

not sad you do not like to read, or do not read my
love to go there

you can not love, or do not love me,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], love to be there

stagnation in

you talk, or do not follow me
my hand is in your hands not abandon

to give up my arms
let me live in your heart
Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, note, and Enlightened by Conditions, day, Ashura,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], people, animals, hungry ghosts, hell;
; day, Ashura, people, animals, hungry ghosts, hell. as sentient beings;
sentient beings to experience cause and effect cycle, from which to experience pain.
painful process in the experience, only fathom the true meaning of life, can have eternal life.

Phoenix, Nirvana
Buddha said life is bitter eight: birth, old age, sickness, death, Aibie Li, grudges a long time, ask not, fit.
Buddha said: Life has been made by a relative from the heart, are all things in the world of the phase, the heart does not move, neither things moving, the heart the same, all things are the same.
Buddha said: take also Zen, the line also Zen, flowers and the world,'★. `A! Seoul ★', like a leaf, the spring flowers from green, fall to Yepiao Ling, Infinite Wisdom heart at ease, natural body language silent movement.
Buddha: Law million are students, all Department of fate, chance encounter no idea of the back, bound to each other's life, only to look the intersection of the moment
that night, I heard one night Fanchang, not to ponder the matter, only to find your breath.
That January, I turned all the prayer wheel, not for salvation, only for the touch of your fingerprint.
year I kowtowing to embrace the dust, not for pilgrims,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only to close your warmth.
that I, I scanned Shiwandashan, not to repair the afterlife, the only way to meet with you.
that moment, I am soaring immortality, not for longevity, only to bless you peace and happiness.
day, month, or year, that I,

Andhra world,
origin Jimie, raw edge is empty.
innocent as I did as you said a person
Buddhism there are three stages of enlightenment: \ Indeed, one would have to go, and to get comfortable.

duplex method
error Allure fear into the mountains.
not meet the first best, so can not fall in love.
second best is not knowing each other, so can not miss.
third best not to stay, so then you may not owe.
fourth best not Xiangxi, so then you may not memories.
fifth best not to fall in love, so then you may not give up.
sixth best not relative, and so can not meet.
seventh one you should not wrong, so then you may not negative.
you should not promise the eighth, so then you may not continue.
ninth best not to rely on each other so that no additional way to come.
tenth best not to meet, so can not meet.
but they have know each other meet, meet Ru is missing.
Andhra phase formula and the king must, free to teach life and death for Acacia.
This has nothing to do with the prevalent custom of the love story, just a simple belief about human nature and ways.

live in the Potala Palace,
I was the greatest king of snow.
wandering the streets in Lhasa,
I was the world's most beautiful lover.

I asked the Buddha: Why not spend close to all the women on the face of shame?
Buddha said: That is only one of Epiphyllum is used to blind the eyes of the secular
nothing had arrived in the United States can be a pure and loving heart
I gave it to someone every woman can
it cast a gray

I asked the Buddha: the world why so many regrets?
Buddha said: This is a whirling world, whirling
regret that there is no regret, you will not feel more happy happy
I asked the Buddha: how to make people's hearts no longer feel lonely?
Buddha said: every heart is born alone and imperfect
spent most of his life with such defects and make it successful
because the other half of the missed encounter
not negligent that has lost its qualification has

I asked the Buddha: If you encounter people who can love, but fear can not grasp how to do?
Buddha said: the number of remaining human love, a thousand welcome Ukiyo change
and lovers, do not ask is a happy thing
robbery is the edge

I asked the Buddha: how can if you like wise?
Buddha said: Buddha is someone who has, who is the future Buddha
Xiang Wu turn a blind eye in the house in
by suddenly reciting the mantra you hear

in January that after I turned all cylinders
not only touch your fingertips

I kowtowing prostrate mountain
audience is not only against your
That I,

turn my water to the pagoda of Mt ah

afterlife is not only for repair to meet you along the way

white crane in the sky
Please lend me your wings I do not go far

only to Litang to fly back to
Since the fear of loss passionate holy life,
Central Gyatso the Dalai positions (one thousand six hundred eighty-three - one thousand seven hundred forty-five), is well-known figure in the history of Tibet. Bravo was born in the door corner areas Yu Song, from small qualification sensitive, thanks to the Fifth Panchen Lama has been a teacher, hair ordained name Lobsang Rinchen emulated central warehouse Ka wrong. After the welcome to the Potala Palace, the central warehouse Gyatso, was born in Tibet in 1683 AD, the south gate of the corner area where Yu Song Nyingma Buddhist believe in a generation of peasant families. In 1697, the central warehouse was selected as the Fifth Dalai Lama Gyatso's \ as a teacher, Dressed ordained positions taken 法名罗桑仁钦 central Gyatso. October 25 the same year, the enthronement ceremony was held at the Potala Palace in Lhasa, as the Dalai Lama. In the well-known scholar Sang Jiejia wrong direct culture, learning astronomy and the calendar, medicine, and literature, the poem's accomplishments deep. Twenty-five years old, as a victim of the upper ruling class struggle for power positions in the Central Kerry was wrong, started his wandering life. Has traveled around the Qinghai, Gansu, Mongolia, Sichuan, David Tibet, India, Nepal and other places. Worked as beggars, sent through the body, life is extremely difficult.
?? positions in the central Gyatso Though the family from generation to generation believe Nyingma (Red Sect), Buddhism, but the canons do not prohibit monks sent a wife and children. The Dalai Lama belongs to the Gelugpa (Yellow Sect) of Buddhist monks getting married is strictly prohibited, close to women. For such rules and regulations, positions in the central Gyatso difficult to accept. He not only failed to teach the rules to constrain their thoughts words and deeds, but the identity of prominent religious leaders, according to the will of their own independent thought, and wrote a lot of meaning touching \
?? a central position, said Kerry is the wrong solution to Beijing on the way evil, written works for the twenty-year-old former things.
?? Sixth Dalai Lama cleverly, the king is God, the Lover, is a poet . He stayed in this world too, although only a short 25 years. His short stay on earth, as if to leave these poems. \ in that the East Peak, students from the white moon, Majiami face, gradually surfaced in my mind
?? Majiami literally translated as \ \ Yellow color of the small building this building there and become a proud symbol of the central warehouse in Tibet, Gyatso's poetry has been widely spread. Poem once -shy at first acquaintance, there is the joy of sexual gratification, a lament missed, there are vows of constancy, but also deviates from the grudge for the Ungrateful. Because of the specific identity of the ultimate point of all is the disillusionment of love , so God the king more than the common experience with the unpleasant, Ai Bieli suffering and seek in life, hoping to teach the helpless. However, the more so, it will show even more convex precious human love beautiful.
?? Today, the central warehouse Misfortune Gyatso's life experience has been well known, and his poems have been translated into 20 languages all over the world, is still no shortage of new translations appear. Just in the last hundred years, Chinese translation, I have seen no less than seven or eight versions: a folk song, there Cource, Seven bodies, modern poetry's. Derived from the affected, these poems also give contemporary artists, musicians providing the inexhaustible inspiration and creative resources. Particularly through the excellent composer and singer of contemporary portrait of love songs to create the position's exceptionally attractive, and processing through the warehouse holding the central Gyatso encourage human love tales of a divine glory
live Tathagata live Qing.

Sixth Panchen love a woman, then leave the shrine, back to earth.
detect heart desires, no longer understand the old ways continue.
he had written these words:

Buddha put things in the world is divided into ten sectors:

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