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,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
this article we will try to know Astrology from a scientific point of view. All the planets are always on the move in their fixed orbits and nigh their axis. This path they actors their rays ashore assorted parts of globe at assorted angles and with different properties at different times. To sum up, every planet is all casting some good alternatively wrong achieve at every part of the earth and on always the human residing on earth. Now moving on apt the Constellations which are likewise shrieked Nakshatras, there is always a Constellation casting its effect on a particular part of the earth and then it is emulated at some other Constellation in a cyclic movement. The Constellations are 27 in numbers and they make up 12 Zodiac signs likewise known as Rashis which manner namely a Sign is said to be in effect for the approximate duration of 2.25 Constellation or to make it extra understandable, every Sign rises in sky for an average duration of 2 hours. The Sign which is rising in the sky at a particular period of point and affecting a particular part of earth is called the Ascendant likewise known as Lagna. In this way at anybody given location on earth these 12 Signs ascend 1 behind the other in a cyclic campaign and they complete a wheel in nearly a day and this process works on and on.
As a child is born in some part of earth, the Sign rising at that particular time becomes the Ascendant or Lagna for that child and depending upon the time the Sign has already spent in the rising, the degree of the Sign is known. This way the Ascendant and the Degree of Ascendant is calculated for a person. In the same way the placements and degrees of all the other planets are also logged at the time of birth of a person. To understand a Horoscope scientifically, let's think the twelve house of a Horoscope as twelve energy centers in human body which tin absorb, cache and transmit energy sent by planets. The Ascendant will always transform the pate center of energy and then the situation of all the energy centers as well as the nestle of all the planets in these energy centers is thought moving cyclically from Ascendant. This way a Horoscope is formed.
Moving before, all the planets enroll their affirmative or negate effects as well as strength of these effects on these stamina centers as a human is nativity. This way some vigor hearts obtain impressions from one or more than one planets when some energy hearts remain blank and no impression is registered on them.The energy centers which do no get any impressions routinely remain silent in the lifetime of the natural. That is why one person may be very amused and successful in a particular field while the other person may not have even a puny feeling for that field. This is how different persons go to different instructions in life and also to different extents and different results depending above the nature and strength of planets in the Horoscope at the time of their birth.
Now after the birth as the life of a human starts, the planets which are always in transit in one sign or the other at some degree or the other recognize their natal effect registered with all the persons on earth and give their positive or negative results to these persons depending on those natal effects altering in nature and strength. This way they congratulate something with large successes while make someone very miserable in the meantime. In the same way the success or problems in Profession, Education, Love Affairs, Married life, health related issues and diseases, they are all different for different humans depending upon their Horoscopes.
When a person is not getting good results in malignity of very good efforts or is not even getting a chance to perform despite the talent, it usually means that some good planet for that person is giving him that artist and that effort, yet it is not giving its full fruit for it is either weakly placed in the natal horoscope or it is creature disturbed by some malefic planet in the natal horoscope of that particular person. If this is the case, then a Gemstone

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