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Fifteen more people have signs of maturity, how ma

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PostWysłany: Sob 9:32, 18 Gru 2010    Temat postu: Fifteen more people have signs of maturity, how ma

who eventually must grow up. In other words, gradually learn to grow their own. In life one step at a trail, or deep or shallow depth of the growth record mortal beings. The slower growth was hurt by people who tend to be more, faced not only bear the scars we have to do more to Thanksgiving. Thank the things that make you hurt, forget the people that make you hurt, harm may be unintentional, growth is necessary.

one, when you find yourself no longer blindly follow the trend like a group of people like to mix together, begin to respect their wishes do what needs to be done, began to organize their various plans, planning their own direction,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], alone has become their full meaning.
Second, when you are faced with many choices, no longer hesitated, the brain will soon have to flash more than three reasons for choosing a necessary option. Have their own independent thinking and began to learn was calm rational thinking.
Third, when you start to feel enough time was Debu, gradually feel up late, shopping is quite a waste of time and money and other things, thought and action on the concept of time to reach a consensus, reasonable to arrange a time to enrich the lives of Council itself into a more like the world.
Fourth, when you're online or reading, will focus the attention from the entertainment Zatan blindly transferred to the press affairs, economic development trend of the territory,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], entertainment Zatan always used to laugh, and news affairs is to raise the personal awareness and patriotic about the country's performance, open heart and open country of each other, progress together, seal off the absolutely last resort, economic trends tend to affect people in the bag the weight of silver.
five, when you're eating more and more attention to quality of food, good health the idea into my mind, learn to adhere to eat breakfast, exercise every day. As the saying goes, stay in the Castle Peak in, there is hope. No it does not know the truth.
six, when people ask you again to the love, friendship, affection when the three components. First thought should be the home of the mother, blood is thicker than is the ancient truths.
seven, when you encounter are not a thing then no longer be used to solve the problem crying, tears will always be able to scour the face, change the status quo, only action.
VIII attention to their friends, loved ones. Because these people are not always exist in your life, maybe not easy to have changed between the. You do not need to cheat in front of them, innocent perfection of their own in this big big world is staged for them. Do not forget to avoid good faith.
nine, enjoy yourself, let the people around happy. Absolute value than money.
ten,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in the face of gains and losses, to the problems with the left, the generosity and laugh will make complicated things simple, simple things become meaningful.
XI, at any time with the children and the elderly do not care about,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the beginning of life is ignorance, the end of life should be happy.
second, learn to respect each person for each creature, like the face of the sun like sunflowers will smile.
XIII, attitude, perfect peace of mind is always through the success of the chips. Advance the objectives set correctly, so that life goals rather than through the heavy atmosphere, and remember, do not put themselves under any time, too tired, the value of life is completely lost.
fourth and confident life, smile and laugh, success and happiness go hand in hand. Not pleased, not to have compassion.
fifth, forget hatred, with spring. How much heart, as big as the stage.

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