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Bed and toss for a minute, two weeks slight belly

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The following three groups need to prepare activities: relax , lower body to remain intact, the upper body slightly to the left and right reversed. Repeat about 16 times each.
Exercise 10:
lying supine, hands open at your sides, palms facing down. Maintain the upper body without moving my eyes and lift straight up. Then, swinging his legs and knees close together and affixed to the left, the right shoulder area to be close to the ground can not be lifted. Supine position and then follow the same recovery essentials swing to the right side of the knees. About the time as a group, repeat the 8 groups.
Exercise 11:
lying supine, legs close together. Place both hands sides of the body naturally. Abdominal strength using hand and legs straight up until the slowly into a 90 degree angle with the ground. Lower my eyes to the waist bad people. Repeat this movement with 8 groups.
effect: The two actions are directed at the abdomen will be designed to be a potent combination of the three abdomen, waist fragile for people to play a role in health care.
These small movements, pick one day to do as long as ten minutes, it will bear fruit within two weeks. These are aerobic exercise, to slowly do it. Do not Pinliaolaoming to do! If this is the first to do so, recommend a twenty under. Look at the daily increase in personal situation, not Taimian Jiang! But we must persevere yo! On it!!! Will succeed!

the most to the accumulation of fat in winter, a moment's inattention, a small pot and ran out! Do not be afraid to teach you 12 strokes, Shuaishuai get rid of the small pot!
Exercise 1:
remain flat supine position, feet shoulder width to open, lifted up his right foot first 10CM, brought back inside the toes and pause a second, and then gently put down, pay attention to heel not against the bed. Completed for the left foot and then repeat the same action. A set of actions repeated 5 times.

effect: not only can fall on both sides of meat, minus the stomach, but also to tighten the legs, so that the lower body is more slender.
Exercise 4:
remain flat supine position, legs shoulder width to open. Arm flexion-extension into a 90 degree angle closely aligns the ground, palms facing up. Bend left knee, straight from the upper body, making the right elbow to touch the left knee. Repeat the same actions for the right leg as a group.

repeated 2-3 groups,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], each 10 times.

effect: increase abdominal strength , tight thigh muscle.
Exercise 5:
remain flat supine position, legs shoulder width to open. Hold dumbbell with both hands raised to the chest just above, attention can not bend the knee to keep straight. Then adjust the breathing, the upper body slowly to the right and left reversed. About 10 times each for a group,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], repeat the 2-3 group.

effect: stretching of abdominal muscles on both sides to improve the abdomen relaxed.
Exercise 6:
physical side,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the use of calf cushion grip strength. Affixed to the body with both hands to maintain balance. Raised his head, eyes straight ahead. Breathe, cushion grip to lift your legs, move slowly to achieve the desired slimming effect. Action for a group of 10, repeat 10 group.

effect: powerful contraction of the abdomen, thigh and calf muscles, so that more slender legs slender.
Exercise 7:
lying supine, legs straight, feet close together. Hands on her hips, eyes look directly at the top, adjust the breath and slowly curved legs until the knee chest position, and finally lay down and then slowly straighten your legs. 15 times as a group, repeat the 2-3 group.

effect: to make little stomach muscles to step up implementation of effective improvement of abdominal relaxation.
Exercise 8:
lying supine, legs open and shoulder width. Arms straight, elbows close to the ear, respectively, raised his left leg and right hand and straightened up, making the right hand touch the left leg and toes, around the 7 times as a group, repeat the 2-3 group.

effect: the effective elimination of protruding lower abdomen.
Exercise 9:
prepared two rubber bands. Open legs shoulder width. Then his legs at one end of each step on a rubber band , rubber band and then left cross, his hands were clenched in the other end of the two rubber bands. Maintain the lower body does not move, so to reverse the upper body. Note that stand up straight, the body can not forward. 20 times as a group, repeat the 3-4 group.

effect: stretching back muscle,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that real slim waist is more intensified.
backs, hold hands, knees, thighs to the abdomen flexion-extension, and lift the upper body and then gently lie down. Repeat this movement 5-10 times.

Effect: can effectively strengthen the chest and waist strength, shrink waist falling meat.
Exercise 2:
raise as much as possible to the left foot, one second pause in the air and then down, after finished for his left foot. Note that the knee can not be forced, in order to achieve the desired effect of stovepipe, and do not strain the leg muscles in order to avoid excessive force. Repeat 5-7 times this group of movements.

effect: to tighten the abdomen and leg muscles.

Exercise 3

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