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August-December baby

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48. Millet Porridge Hill
material: fresh yam, millet, sugar.
? washed crushed yam, and millet porridge cook, then add sugar amount, fasting food.
effect : can cure stomach hormone deficiency, indigestion, loose stool.
Raw carrot soup corn residue: corn residue, carrots
? First boiled corn residue, after the carrots into the cooked , fasting food.
effects: digestion of stagnation, spleen Zhili.
50. Rice pudding
raw materials: rice, red dates, red bean, longan meat, lotus seeds, peanuts, walnuts, the amount of
? The material washed into the rice cooker with Zhu Chengyu place within the boil into crystal sugar can be.
effect: full complement of nutrients, physical brain.
Raw fish porridge Song: rice, fish loose, spinach
? Washing clean the rice, water soak 1 hour, even the water into the pot, stir to boil, change the micro-Huoao to thick.
? Wash the spinach, boiled look, cut into very fine, into the congee, add fish loose, salt and adjust flavors, with slightly Huoao minutes Serve.
Effects: add protein and calcium.
52. Red -billed parrot Gesi surface
green material: tomato, spinach, tofu, pork ribs soup, thin noodles, green onions.
? boiled look at the tomato, remove the skin, cut into pieces.
? spinach leaves washed, boiled grass to go fishing about tannic acid, and then chopped; tofu chopped.
? Add a little oil, with chopped green onion choking pan, into the ribs soup, boiling. The tomato and spinach leaves into the pot, Cook for a while. Then add a very thin noodles, soft noodles to pan.
53. Assorted soft noodles,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], shrimp
liver raw food: noodles, cooked chicken livers at the end, fresh shrimp, spinach at the end, eggs, vegetable oil, amount of stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
? squeezed water and chop the shrimp, add a small amount of egg white, Qianfen mixed use.
? from the pan, add onions and ginger fry fish out, put cooked shrimp stir fry, stir the spinach into the boiling water burns fried moment. A knife to chop the cooked chicken livers very fine.
? the noodles into the boiling water pot, soft cooked noodles fishing into another small pan, add broth and shrimp, spinach, chicken livers, after the end of stir to boil, a small fire and then stew a while, to lay eggs Throwing a quarter of liquid chicken broth, the cooked add appropriate amount of salt Serve.
54. Tomato egg soup noodles
raw materials: chopped boiled spaghetti, chopped onions,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], chopped tomatoes to the Pi Houqie, eggs, small Chinese cabbage, regular broth, boiled cooked vegetable oil.
? first soft onion stir fry till fragrant, add boiling water, stir-fried cabbage burns after a moment, in the pot add broth, noodles, tomato pieces, boil together, with a small simmer 510 minutes fire to face Hong spillover.
? Beat the eggs and pour in the noodles, then till the clot, add salt, pour into bowl and serve. 55. Shrimp spinach egg soup
knife Materials: flour , eggs, shrimp jen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spinach, a little sesame oil, suitable stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
? just take the egg white into a slightly harder with flour and dough, roll into strips and cut into thin slices.
? the shrimp into Ding Yan; spinach, washed, boiled, cooked, remove and reserve after the mince.
? the broth into the pot, add shrimp and small, to be boiled down into the knife soup noodles, cooked rotten, Drizzle egg yolk, then add the spinach at the end, put a little sesame oil poured into a small bowl that is after be.
effect: rich in protein, carbohydrates.
56. Chicken and cabbage dumplings
material: dumplings skins, chicken, cabbage, celery, eggs, amount of stock, boil cooked vegetable oil.
? the end of the chicken into the bowl, add a little soy sauce.
? cabbage and celery washed, were cut at the end. Fried eggs, and Jiaocheng fine.
? Mix all ingredients into the stuffing, pack into dumplings, and pot cooked.
? into the soup in the pot, thrown into the celery, Shaozhu a moment, then put in a small dumpling cooked, add a little sesame oil and soy sauce.
effect: rich in nutrition. Do not like to eat rice for infants and porridge.
57. Rong small wonton
raw shrimp: large prawns, small wonton skin, green onion, seaweed, salt, sesame oil
? Paisui take out shrimp with a knife, picked shrimp, sausage, chopped, cream into the sesame oil, sprinkle with a little Yanhua, Jiaocheng mud Rong.
? use chopsticks to pick that cover the size of the shrimp wrapped in wonton skin in Chengdu, wok cooked, sprinkle with small diced green onion and seaweed.
58. Steamed fish
raw materials: fish, green onions, ginger, ham, mushrooms, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, a little different, lotus root starch, sunflower oil a little
? Fish clean, green onions, ginger, ham, mushrooms and cut filaments.
? oblique knife cut out the fish back, into the boiling water pot hot, fishy. Remove after the release of dish, the onions, ginger, ham, mushrooms Sise knife into the flowers and the belly of the fish within, topped with soy sauce, cooking wine, salt and a little sunflower oil, the pot can be steamed.
effect: rich in various nutrients, and DHA, to promote early childhood brain development.
Raw fish soup tofu: tofu, carp, ham, onions, a little ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, salt, cooking oil a little
? The carp wash, wipe a little salt fish, to prevent stick pan.
? 7 into a pot, put oil till hot, add the fish fry a little bit, then add spices, add boiling water after adding tofu, and cook for 10-15 minutes, until the soup is creamy white, the spread can diced green onion on.
effects: a comprehensive protein content and quality, enhance resistance.
60. Fried potato chips
raw materials: potatoes, plain salad, vegetable oil
? Peel and wash the potatoes into thick slices about 8mm, into the pan fry until both sides brown foam, in the side salad can be coated with appropriate amount of flavor.
effect: to provide balanced nutrition, and for the baby molar teeth. 61. Mushroom tofu stew
material: soft tofu, cooked bamboo shoots, fresh mushrooms, green onions, garlic, ginger , soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, sesame oil, chicken soup.
? tofu into the dish, add cooking wine, cut into 1.5cm square pieces. Wok steamed for 40 minutes.
? fresh mushrooms into the pot boiling water 1 minute, remove, cool drift with water, cut into pieces; bamboo shoots cut into small pieces; onions, ginger, garlic slices.
? the tofu, bamboo shoots, onions, ginger, garlic , add chicken broth into the casserole, the fire, after boiling, stew low heat for 10 minutes, add mushrooms, add soy sauce Shaozhu moment, topped with sesame oil Serve.
effect: gold partner of calcium supplementation in children.
62. Mushroom tofu stew Loach
material: Loach, tofu, mushrooms, light blue, ginger slices, monosodium glutamate, vegetable oil, salt, sugar are appropriate
? Loach in water for 2 days support, drop a few drops of vegetable oil, slaughtered after the wash.
? mushrooms bubble of clean cuts; tofu cut into medium size blocks, with hot water boiled.
? Daosi Cheng oil burning hot, the next onion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ginger, the loach fry yellow, add water, salt, sugar, tofu, mushrooms, stir to boil, simmer for 40 minutes.
Efficacy: Bu Zhong Yi Qi.
63. Apple cheese
raw materials: apple, sweet cheese, flour, sugar, olive oil
? Apple Peel and wash 0.8cm thick slices, salt water soak into the light.
? flour, add cheese and sugar sweet, Jiaocheng thin paste with water.
? from the pan, even the thin apple slices wrapped in batter, fried yellow pot, remove the re-entry microwave for 2 minutes, so overripe apple inside, you can.
64. Tremella
papaya stew Ingredients: Green Papaya, Tremella appropriate amount of crystal sugar
? Wash of papaya seeded and placed in the bowl, pick broken into white fungus, white fungus will rock sugar sprinkled on top , can be steamed with the fire.
effect: to help the baby digest and absorb.
65. Sago
raw milk: milk, rice, bananas, sugar and a little
? Sago with cold water soak 1 hour; the banana labeled as mud.
? the West together with the soaking water to boil, to West into a transparent, add milk and bananas can paste Shaozhu.
effect: added nutrients.
66. Sam Sun custard
ingredients: eggs, shrimp, mushrooms, fine minced meat, onion, garlic amount, amount of cooking oil, cooking wine, salt, sesame oil
? Mushrooms, cut into D; shrimp Renqie Ding.
? from the pan, add onion and stir incense, placed in three small, add cooking wine, salt, fry.
? eggs into the bowl, add a little salt and water and mix thoroughly into the pot and steam heat, a good three small fry into the mix, and then continue to steam 58 minutes.
Efficacy: supplement rich in iron, calcium and protein.
67. Lionhead
materials Horseshoe: Horseshoe, end pork, ginger, cornstarch, egg white, soy sauce, a little salt
? Chestnut, ginger, mince, stir together all ingredients until thick, Yong Shounie into medium size meatballs, steamed to the pot. 68. Tomato shrimp
raw materials: shrimp, tomato sauce, eggs, cooked green beans, vegetable oil amount, water, starch, salt, white pond a little rice wine
? Shrimp into the bowl, add egg, salt, water, starch uniform sizing.
? oil temperature when placed into five or six shrimp, slip loose after the fish oil control.
? to stay more than the original oil pan, put tomato sauce stir-fried, then shrimp and green beans into the pot, add rice wine, sugar, salt, and then Drizzle in water, starch, stir a few times, topped with sesame oil.
Efficacy: spleen appetite.
Lotus root salad ingredients: lotus, white sugar, balsamic vinegar a little
? Sliced lotus root, into the boiling water pot boiled cooked. Remove and mix with sugar, topped with balsamic vinegar can be.
Efficacy: solution tired, appetizers. Molar ideal for teething babies.
70. Sesame mixed with raw materials Liangpi
: Liang Pi, sesame, cucumber, carrot , sesame, chicken broth, salt, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar a little
? Liangpi cut into about 1cm wide and 3cm long segment, into the boiling water hot, remove and cool.
? Peel cucumber and carrot filaments; sesame salt, then slowly add chicken stock research open.
? to Liang Pi, cucumber, carrots into good tahini in the study, topped with sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, mix well.
effect: brain development in children is very good.
71. Toon scrambled eggs
raw materials: cedar, eggs, green onion, salt, oil amount
? The toon into the water in the hot , cut into very fine; onion chopped Wash.
? Beat an egg, and scallions into the toon the end, sprinkle a pinch of salt, even playing in one direction, can be cooked into the hot oil.
Efficacy : Toon can make a unique odor of volatile worms the intestine can not be excreted.
72. Cream pasta
materials: Italian pasta, carrots, peeled peas, mushrooms, butter, eggs, milk, olive oil and a little
? The cooked pasta into the hot water; the carrots and mushrooms cut into filaments.
? eggs fried in olive oil will be half the bulk, the carrots, mushrooms, silk, green pea and cream into the stir-fry, pour in half a bowl of chicken soup cooked soft, add cooked pasta, milk Cook for about can be.
73. Ground-pork rice bowl
Material: sandwich meat, bamboo shoots slices , black fungus, mushrooms, onion
appropriate practices:
? Mushrooms warm water until soft squeezed water and cut into fine, leaving the mushroom water for later use.
? the winter bamboo shoots slices, black fungus, mushrooms and onions were cut into small pieces.
? oil went in a little hot, saute onion Ding, add minced meat and ingredients stir well, add seasoning and mushrooms in water, small fire simmered to a thick soup, pour a thin wet starch, and then a little heat, the ground-pork cover to the soft rotten rice.

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