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Ashes of Time 1

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\ furnace, I do not mind how others look at me, I just do not want people happier than me.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): I thought people in this world, there is a furnace will not avoid the heart, because he was too proud of you, in my debut, I knew a man, because he likes to come and go east, so Many years later, he had a nickname Click here to see.
Ouyang Feng (monologue) : Huang Yu-Pro Tai Sui this year, drought everywhere, where there is drought there must be trouble, trouble that I have the business. My name is Ouyang Feng, and my job is to help people solve problems, is to help people lift the trouble.
Ouyang Feng (to himself): It seems that your age is also in his early forties,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and this forty years, some things you do not want to mention, or you do not want to bye some people, some people I'm sorry you had, maybe you tried to kill them, but you did not dare. Kazakhstan, or do you think is not worth, in fact, kill, very easy. I have a friend, and his martial arts very well , but recently was a bit difficult, as long as you just give him a little silver, he will be able to help you kill that person, you think about it though. In fact, a not very easy to kill, but to make a living, many people will take the risk.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): leave the White Camel Mountain, I went to the desert, began a new life.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): early 六日, Waking of Insects. This time of year, there will be a person came to me and drink, and his name is I buy. The man was very strange, each time the total came from the east,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this habit has been maintained for many years. This year, he brought me a souvenir.
I buy: Not long ago, I met a man, gave me a jar of wine, she said, is called the \ I wonder why there is such a wine. She said the biggest worry of people is that memory is so good that if anything can forget, for each subsequent day will be a new beginning, then how happy you said that. This altar wine was going to give you, look, we have to drink out.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): For too weird stuff, I have always been hard to accept, so the altar \ Perhaps this wine is really effective, from that night began, Huang started to forget a lot of things.
Ouyang Feng: Do you remember how we know it?
I buy: I can not remember.
Ouyang Feng: Then how come you remember that it?
I buy: I do not remember.
Ouyang Feng: Why are you looking at the cage.
I buy: because it is familiar.
Ouyang Feng (Spoken): That night he get drunk, and left early the next morning. I do not know why he is about to take the Forum \
Ouyang Feng (monologue): A month later, Huang went to a very far away, it was the home of his friend. Married that year his friend, Huang had lived there for some time. One day his friend left the house, after all this time, Huang never returned.
I buy: Can you drink?
Blind Swordsman: I just want to drink water.
I buy: I've seen you like?
Blind Swordsman: far more than seen, you used to be my best friend, but now no longer friends. Are you doing here?
I buy: Not long ago,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I met a man, she gave me a jar of wine, she said, called the \ I wonder why there is such a wine, I drank some and found really effective, I wonder if you have to try some?
Blind Swordsman: You know, with drinking water is the difference? Wine, Yue Heyue warm, the water will Yuehe Yue cold.
I buy: Will we be again?
Blind Swordsman: No!
blind swordsman (monologue): I have sworn, if you let me meet this person, I will kill him. But I did not do so, because I see him, eyes have seen things.
(it is a small hotel outside the Soviet Union)
waiter: in the end you are a man or a woman.
Murong Yan: Yan dignified princess big, Murong young lady, so you dare to offend me, believe it or not I'll kill you!
I buy: You're drunk .
(Murong Yan sword stabbed I buy)
I buy: Ha ha ha ......
Ouyang Feng (monologue): a person's memory is not good, do not go too wrong place, because you may forget your enemy. That day, I buy almost died in one hand.
Every year a few months, it seems wants to die. Beginning of spring next year, I have not been traded, the entire month, only one person came to me.
Murong Yan: I think you killed a man for me, his name is I buy.
Ouyang Feng: He is today one of the best swordsman, I do want to kill him is not easy.
Murong Yan: As long as you can kill him, I at any cost. But I have a condition, he must die in my hands, and is the most painful way to die.
Ouyang Feng: Why do you hate him?
Murong Yan: Because a woman, he abandoned my sister.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): His name is Murong Yan, claiming to be descendants of Murong son. I buy him and hit it off at the Peach Grove outside the city of Suzhou. That almanac reads: fourth day, the beginning of spring,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Dongfeng thaw. That is a new beginning. One night, I buy him a joke.
I buy: If you have a sister, I will marry her.
Murong Yan: Good deal. You do not regret it, if you regret it, I will kill you.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): They made a date, an appointment to meet in one place, the results I buy without an appointment.
Murong Yan: My brother is not looking for you?
Ouyang Feng: Who is your brother?
Murong Yan: Yan Murong his name.
Ouyang Feng: He seems to have.
Murong Yan: He is not want you to help one person killed.
Ouyang Feng: I forgot.
Murong Yan: If you really were to kill him, I will kill you.
Ouyang Feng: lavish your brother, did not promise he not lose too much? So these days are willing to spend big money to kill people, not much.
Murong Yan: As long as you do not promise him I'll pay you double the price to compensate for your loss. However, I have a condition, you have to kill someone for me, he is my brother Murong Yan.
Ouyang Feng: Your brother and sister feeling really strange, so you really hate your brother?
Murong Yan: Yes! Because he will not let me and I buy together, he felt that I belong to him. Therefore, he must die!
Murong Yan: My sister is not come to you?
Ouyang Feng: Yes.
Murong Yan: Do not think her non-cent, otherwise I could not even kill you.
Ouyang Feng: You very concerned about your sister.
Murong Yan: She is my only family, I just wanted to protect her. She came to you?
Ouyang Feng: she told me to kill a man named Yan Murong.
Murong Yan: Yes, I buy teach her to do so.
Ouyang Feng: I buy even if she did not do so because she wanted to leave you.
Murong Yan: I will not let her leave me, unless I die.
Murong Yan: Do you talk to my brother?
Ouyang Feng: He told you.
Murong Yan: Why not do it.
Ouyang Feng: I'm afraid not receive money. Is not difficult to kill your brother, because he has weaknesses. Do you know what that is? Is you. I told him to kill him is you want to see what his reaction is. Now that he is against you and I buy, it may be he likes you , and if so, to what extent you like?
Murong Yan: He wants my whole life with him.
Ouyang Feng: that he really likes you.
Murong Yan: Unfortunately, I do not like him , I like the person is Huang.
Ouyang Feng: He not that sad?
Murong Yan: Let him go sad! Since I am so unhappy, why not find a stay by me. I just want him to try get a person's taste.
Ouyang Feng: you are very cruel. Are not you afraid he die?
Murong Yan: I just want him to die! Ha ...... Why would you say these words to me!
Ouyang Feng: Your brother asked me that question, I think for a long time, and finally thought: you want to die alone, the most painful way is to first kill his favorite people. But I can not do, if I kill you, I turn to for money it? Right?
Murong Yan: Some people want to kill me!
Ouyang Feng: How What was going to kill you for no reason?
Murong Yan: because, they say that I buy my favorite woman. Do not let them kill me!
Ouyang Feng (Spoken): That night, the woman has refused to go. I saw her so frightened, give her drank wine, then she fell asleep.
Murong Yan: you hiding my sister go?
Ouyang Feng: Why are you so sure that I accept her?
Murong Yan: I know she has come to you, then no one saw her again.
Ouyang Feng: One night she came to me, she said she was hunted down and begged me take her, then she left. She is not home?
Murong Yan: My sister with any enemies, no reason to kill her how anyone dignitaries.
Ouyang Feng: It seems that because she is Huang favorite woman.
Murong Yan: joke! If he likes her, why did you leave her.
Ouyang Feng: Some people are gone, leaving people will find their own favorite. Maybe I buy is this one.
Murong Yan: He is not!
Ouyang Feng: Why so sure.
Murong Yan: he had in love with another woman!
Ouyang Feng (monologue): a person is frustrated, more or less an excuse to cover themselves. In fact Murong Yin and Yang, only two of the same person as, in the back of these two identities, hiding a wounded person.
Ouyang Feng: You're drunk, Murong brother.
Murong Yan: Murong brother? You have the wrong person, I am not Murong brother, I'm big Yan dignified princess, Miss Murong family, my name is Murong Yan, what are you people?
Ouyang Feng: Do not you know me?
Murong Yan: You once said that marrying my wife, I do not know why would it?
Ouyang Feng : I have said this to him?
Murong Yan: the day you are a guest of Suzhou, in the peach tree I told you to drink, you touch my face by drunk, you say, if I have a sister, you must marry her. You know I am the daughter of the body, why.
Ouyang Feng: drunk, say you can not be serious?
Murong Yan: Because of you, I waited until now. I asked you to take me away, but you did not do this, you say you can not love two people. The woman you love is Murong Yan, then why are you now in love with another woman. Do not you know it, I was looking for that woman, because some people say is your favorite woman is her, I had wanted to kill her, but then I did not do so, because I do not want to prove that she is. I asked myself, What is your favorite woman is not me, now I do not want to know friends. If one day I could not help but ask, you have to lie to me, even if you have in mind, however reluctantly, do not tell me your favorite person is not me. Brrfoo ......
Ouyang Feng (monologue): a long fly by night, because I like two people at the same time with the talking. Later, I could not tell she was Murong Yan, or Yan Murong.
Ouyang Feng: Murong Yan? Murong Yan?
Murong Yan: Tell me your favorite woman speaking?
Ouyang Feng: is your friends.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): In the past some people ask me , but I did not answer, is Huang's status changed, I think these words is not really hard to say.
Ouyang Feng (Spoken): That night when I felt someone touch me.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): I know he wants to grab the person is not me, she is only when I was another person, I have not? Her hand was warm, just as my sister's hand.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): day, no one saw or Murong Murong Yan Yan. A few years later, rivers and lakes there is a strange swordsman, no one knows where he came from, only know he likes with his own reflection swordsmanship. He has a very special name, called the uncontested top dog .
Ouyang Feng: Can you find me?
Daughters: I am looking for someone to put my brother to take revenge.
Ouyang Feng: What happened to him?
Daughters: The Swordsman After a few days ago a group of my house, my brother, his ignorance and offended one of them, they killed my brother.
Ouyang Feng: the local magistrate?
Daughters: Because they are the government's Swordsman Qiu, magistrate will not dare.
Ouyang Feng: how much money you can afford?
Daughters: My family is poor, there was simply no money, only these eggs, and a donkey, this donkey is my Niangqin dowry left to me before his death.
Ouyang Feng: If you determined to take revenge for your brother, you have to raise a sum of money, no one would order a donkey to offend Qiu House Swordsman. Revenge is a price to pay. If you look ugly, I advise you to die that way. What do you think that I attempt, I just want to tell you, if sell your ass is worth more than that. Know what I mean?
Daughters: I do not do that . If you too little money, I will wait, I think there must be someone willing to help me.
Ouyang Feng (monologue): I do not know that she is not really want to avenge her brother, or nothing to do . Everyone will stick to their beliefs, others see a waste of time, but she felt very important. Seen from here, she was like a person. (Think of the sister)
Ouyang Feng (monologue): subsequent nights, I do the same dream, I dream of opening a peach in my hometown. I suddenly remembered, had for many years I have not been back for White Camel Mountain.

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