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of mans greatest inventions is communication. If we havent figured out a definite way to communicate with one another, we would most likely be still stuck in the Stone Age. It is because of this love for all things spoken and written that most people have grown to designate certain sounds to mean certain things.
Frogs croak, birds tweet and cars with problem produce a distinct rattling and popping sound. People who are car aficionados as well as mechanics who have had years of experience are quick to agree that certain sounds that your car makes are a good indication that there is something wrong, which is why most people include a stethoscope in their car kit.
For example [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], when you hear a rattling sound combined with ticking as well as slapping sounds coming from your engine that gets louder when you rev up [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], it could mean that you have loose timing belts. On the other hand, if you hear ticking sounds that just would not go away, you might need to check on your oil level. Ticking sounds indicate that not enough oil is reaching the engine. There are times when you would only hear this in the morning. This should not cause any concern as this normally happens when you turn off your engine and leave your car overnight.
It might be time to head to your [url=]Atlanta car repair[/url] center if you hear a hissing sound under your hood. This usually means that your cars vacuum lining is already falling apart. You might notice that your Check Engine light would turn on and your car will handle idling poorly. If you are familiar with what goes on under your hood [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you can work your way around this one by reconnecting the lines.
A thunking sound in any of the front corners of your car especially when you are making a turn could have you end up in a [url=]car repair Atlanta GA[/url] center. This is because such sound indicates that (1) your CV joint has come loose, (2) your boot has failed letting out all the grease in your CV joint, or (3) your CV joint is already worn out. You would need to replace the whole assembly in order to remove the noise.
Another reason to have a [url=]car repair in Atlanta[/url] is a grumbling sound in the front part of your car. This usually means that you need to replace your pumps as left on its own, this could cause a chunk of your radiator to tear off spilling all its contents profusely.

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