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h increasing pressure on families to "work green" it is peculiar that so few folk know how much power they use when going about their day to day commerce. Your monthly utility bills can be a good indication of how environmentally friendly your family is - the more energy you garbage the more money you pay- but do you understand how much it costs you to seethe a pot or chill a drink? This treatise is a terse adviser to how much it costs to run an average European fridge freezer and how to keep that cost down.,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Running Costs
All white merchandise sold among the EU are published with an energy name that includes their energy rating and average annual electricity consumption. The energy rating translates how efficient the fridge is onto a scale that can be understood by laymen. Units which are at the top of the scale receive an A++ rating and those at the base are rated G. Most modern machines eligible into the top 3 categories - the aforementioned A++,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], A+ and A.
Although stamina rating is a good path to contrast the offerings of assorted manufacturers it does no assist while calculating the running cost - for that you absence to look by mean daily electricity consumption.
Energy consumption is fathomed in kilowatt hours (kWH). One kWH is the same as a an "unit" of electricity aboard your bill so by multiplying your spend per unit at the consumption of a refrigerator you tin detect out how much it would spend you apt run that machine for a year.
Energy Saving Tips
Open it less - Every time you open the door of your fridge freezer a thermocouple registers the change in temperature and engages the motor on the compressor. This costs you money. Only open the refrigerator when you absolutely need to. Keeping one catalogue on the door can help you keep pathway of what is inside so you not need to open it to retard the contents.
Use a smaller door - Some contractors have developed machines which have a smaller doknow next to nothing of that the alteration in temperature is smaller each time you take something out. Try to invest in a unit favor the Hotpoint Quadrio or one with a mini-bar door.
Buy fewer more constantly - All freezers come with a maximum weight of food that they can safely freeze at once. Exceeding this by loading more than the machine can comfortably deal is not only bad for the flavour but is highly inefficient. Where likely you ought load small volumes of food in a moment.
Door alarm - Human mistake is one of the greatest sources of energy inefficiency so try to purchase a fridge freezer that comes with a temperature fear. If you accidentally quit the door open the alarm ambition sound and you can nail the problem as presently as possible - rather than discovering it too late to rescue anyone of your food.

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