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43_7134 MBT Tunisha Women's Shoes

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[Media=x, 400, 300][/media] Chun Riye angles first shallow talk
Of Changjiang Delta3To5The month is spring angling good time [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], air temperature slowly rise, to20Or so degrees, crucian carp fish passes live through the winter, begin to forage kitten, go out wild angle [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], regression is natural [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can enjoy already spring the nature that day warms this world and everythings on earth anabiosis, but the piscine lever lay aside and neglect rearrange comes out, over- angleOver- angleAddictionAddiction [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cheap mbt shoes is with one action 3 gotten things. Chun Riye angles, as long as the method is proper, have results greatly certainly. Combine practice of old field operations now, talk about an individual peripheral experience.
One, the dot angles careless nest. Air temperature begins spring rise, fish vivid momentum is not very big, reason hides in careless nest or brushwood, cheap mbt shoes is to be helpful for and heat preservation, because difference in temperature of day and night is right now big [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 2 cheap mbt shoes is facilitating kitten, be in right now in be born, aquatic clump digs to facilitate issue angling check or a nest is dug in aquatic edge, the diameter is in50cmOr so but, fishing rod with7-8Rice the hand lever of is advisable, because wild fish is afraid of Jing, of course Yue Yuanyue is good, cheap mbt shoes is beautiful with can seeing clear float. Control of depth of water is in with1.5Rice less than. Want to prepare commonly2-3Such nest (angle dot) , Such nest (angle dot) ,, Oriental not bright west is bright, black south has northblack south has north, if among mbt and cheap mbt shoes is good that one angles the dot was not chosen, cheap mbt shoes may not be a bad idea has choice room, or in case among mbt and one angles bit of Jing fish, fortunately other angle the dot leaves staff by turns.
2 [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], crotchet filament. Spring fish the mouth is small, scary, cheap mbt shoes is advisable to choose crotchet filament. Masterstroke chooses a stage to angle2#, child line choosing stage angles1#, because selected element angles, masterstroke is long in2-2.5m, child the line is accordingly8-10cm.
3, pick good bait material. 1, bait: With mineral water bottle willWith mineral water bottle willEssence of fishing of more than masterEssence of fishing of more than master(general fish provides inn to have carry out) join liquor and a few honey shake up, join course fire to fry next or microwave oven bakes aromatic rice (have millet much better) , relapse shake up, place24The hour is usable. Immerse of course time grows better more. Before angling, infiltrate bait careless nest [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], about half hours of calm meeting sends a check. Want fish take a shelter long, should fill nest or infiltrate cake of a few colza. 2, dip in bait fish provides inn to have carry out) mix into joins horsebean white, alcoholic drink of food of height of bubble of pink of other equipment clove, one year above is beautiful. 3, bait: Japan of city carry out2#Make the same score an earthworm greatly.
Usage is: Wear from earthworm head with fishhook, dip in be in after lilac wine full-dressDip in be in after lilac wine full-dressWintry crucian carpWintry crucian carpShake in the vial that mixes horsebean pink, facilitating earthworm dips in on pink, infiltrate next careless nest. This law, lure a fish splitting.
Above is pure belong to experience of individual actual combat to sum up, if be opposite broad angle friend benefits somewhat, criterion content with one's lot.

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