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Women must learn to DIY hair

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Step 1, to the ear as the dividing line, the hair is divided into two parts. The upper part of the hair being in place.

SIDE wave curve
finished renderings take a look at it
Step 2, while the bottom half of hair twisted into a rope to the side of the stock side, near the ear with a hairpin in place.
ten minutes to DIY Japanese ladies hair [Photos]


hair Comments:
aristocratic elegance 3 gorgeous plate made of DIY [map]
the cauda equina in 2 bundles pull out force, then made circle will become tight, and close to the scalp hair will produce Peng degrees; was finished, and then will head to Punta degree of finger pull along it.
3) to reverse the hair above the ears to step 2 roots of the hair bundle and secure.
3, the braids tied up, according to a fixed level of hair.
Japanese magazines recommend the latest hair DIY [Photos]

3, and more people come out of hair would be better
Step 3
Step 3, Step 1 is temporarily fixed to the upper part of the hair fall down, painted hair gel, hair covered in step 2 above, and rub to make it more messy and fluffy.
GOJASUHEDDODORESU rich sparkling gems. 23,100 yen

5. Finally, the only wear a lovely pearl hair bands. Best to wear hair bands hair in bangs and the back of the line mountain.
hair rolled up, and sketched out the beautiful lines of the neck, feminine body in the Keira Knightley have become more intense blooming.

hair ring
step3: Before leaving the hair with a curling rod bundle gently roll out the curl.
lovely dignified yet formal occasions
2, when the hair is fixed with the card, you can do as much as possible into the braids card inside, to avoid \
clutching a twisted hair
made of folded beam and then twisted together

plate made of neat to be received as far as possible, not messy, can wear the elegant beauty of the excellent impression.
STEP2: let the hair down the top half of hair about 2 points in the 3 position of the ear.

Over time, the head of hair is easier to fall down, this time by hand should gently pulling the hair with styling spray and remodeling fluffy effect.

3 steps to complete the princess plate made easy to learn [Photos]

step2: combing their hair with a comb down the hair to play hair, the hair volume increasing the volume of flu and fluffy.

1) maintain the bangs were drawn oblique, oblique series from the top of the hair is beginning to loose tails to the other side.
Step5, wear hair bands. Wear, to wear the hoop finishing good curly hair at the beginning of the following, just exposed to the right of the hoop.

hands up to learn how to DIY this refreshing dish made it tender. Only 6 steps, the rhythm can closely follow the trend, oh!
BACK blooming flowers
final finishing. The remaining small amount of facial hair were placed on both sides of the face to play the role of a small income.
to head for the community, the hair is divided into two parts, first on the part of slightly fixed, then the following hair tied into a ponytail, hair length and hair under the flush.
; Step5: Peng's hair will be scraped into a ball catch

soft, flowing from right to left to bring a sense of the feeling of noble qualities, and flowing out of delicate femininity. Clean and made right before flying again with the back of the head of hair, both not easily be too cute with sexual feelings.
concise and lively ponytail

STEP1: the front of the hair is divided into about 8:2, the location of the hair from the ear is divided into two, up and down the side. When compiled hair, pick up the upper part with the clip and the bottom half of hair up, a little tight.
complete map

Step 3 Finally, the tail of the beam, after winding irregular manner with a hair band to secure it, that is able to show the artificial hair is not natural and moving.

step3: the way in Step 2 each will be issued following a fixed beam with a card, and adjust the hair line.

Step6: spray liquid on the shape to offer more solid fat.
Step 4, the final volume in step 1 will hold your hair down, after North Korea loosely fixed.
Step1: Liu and the head office retained the beam, the other grasping the hair combed back, focus on the more fluffy as possible.
hair to create Step2
step3: choose loose head radians
bar on top, braid. First, the hair tied into a pigtail on top, and tied the knot.
1) first with all hair slightly curly hair stick to curly hair is divided into two parts, the top law and the hair on the upper back of the head twisted to one side of the bud-like hair tied into a bundle, and set aside a long the tail, bangs along the cheeks naturally drawn to.
long hair, short hair, more hair, or lack of hair balls in the first tied to the process, will encounter slightly different processing conditions, this network will these posters will teach you how to deal with, I hope you read this the first article to learn the balls.
not on the hair ornaments, and fixed with the hairpin is complete.
1) will turn back into a bun and bangs with a hairpin-like and fixed.

tied to sweep aside from the middle of the cauda equina, respectively, bending down close, made into a dumpling-shaped and fixed with a black barrette.

simple and elegant hair
Style 2. hairdo MIX plate made
hair focus:
Shulong all the hair into a bundle, ready to tie into a high ponytail.

step2: starting disk type

a very PL of Japanese hair Oh, it is worth trying.

short hair seems difficult to carve out the color, but this short hair style plain contains a lot of surprises among the Oh!
2) will be evenly divided into several small tail of the beam, in order to reverse the roots with your fingertips to the tail wound and fixed with a hairpin, leaving a note to the tail, in order to create a nimble sense of air, the last with a fine black diamond hoop, and immediately enhance the shine index.
step1: Zhaqi hair in the back of the head, leaving both sides in a little fat cheeks beam.
ponytail hairstyle is simple and quick, as long as the hair is combed smooth and fluffy to keep behind the braids, you can have a super sexy hair.
Step6: to reverse that? tail around in? ring
will reverse curls were fixed in different directions, like a beautiful flower like the formation of the paper.
hair can also be drawn to attention in front of the ear and the ear, and then power bars? what? degrees, so as not to seem too young, with a maturity of clothing will apply Oh!
# Pread {padding: 10px; width: 536px; color: # 404040; border: # ED4A86 solid 1px; text-align: left; position: absolute;}
Step 1
1) to smooth the top long bangs and hair bundle is reserved. Then the rest of the hair back tied into a ponytail.

arc high overhead, give people the feeling of elegance
(5) will hold your hair twisted fold.
Step 2

area with both hands the hair combed Soon after, the rear top of his head tied up in the cauda equina. The seat is fixed in the head, not behind the head Oh! This package will head out of the ball above his head!
step by step

detailed steps

Step 3: the left and right side of the hair in step 2, respectively, toward the direction of pull over the dumpling, with the hairpin in place. Point of this step is not to let the hair is too fluffy, but a little tight some.

so natural, and cast a small wax sorted out level.
U-type clamps

Winter 2
(7) with U-clamp will be made to stay outside.
(Florence Nana / tomorrow) is the elegant chiffon roses. 2,205 yen

(PUTIROBUNOA) popular with the sequence. 1,155 yen each (Ludlow / Harajuku headquarters of the United Nations ARROW Women's Hall)
hair to create Step5
tails and variable plate made [Photos] tails and variable plate made
retro hair ornaments hair bands complete the LOOK.
step2: first into the top of the hair strands,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], dB reverse angles to the bottom and fixed in the hair root.
first disc


bar with a low tail hair ring
right to the left rope clean and combed hair, the hair loosely down the center of gravity that give people the feeling of a clean but casual at the same time brings an elegant lady-like.

hair Step Five

hair in the back of the head to rotate the way around the edge of twisted side, and then fixed with a black card.
Step4, in front of the hair, close to the inside with black clip, adjust the starting type. In addition, the curly hair half braids, the other fringe, should use the clip to the inside do not get up, to keep his forehead clean.

the tail pinch and reverse pinch fixed in the back
hair to create Step3
temperament elegant retro hair highlights


shape behind

( from the rest of the tail and then grab a handful of hair, hair volume with the first grab the best out of the same.
tied cauda equina, the rubber band around the final lap, there is only half the hair out, so that the top of a circle, tied to the bottom braided into a 3 share.
Step3: inward pull the hair bundle, adjusted to the shape of flower buds.

hair to create Step1

1, the hair curls and straight hair are right
# Preadblock {height: 230px}
gold and silver high-gloss bright eye shadow make up the whole spirit of the people, the key factor is to mention bright eyes. If you ask, why the special care of hair? I want to tell you that hair can change with the seasons is to obtain psychological satisfaction. Hot and stylish hair is a big selling point.
fluffy hair easy to fall, this time put the tail a little bit against the scratch so that we can sustain the feeling of the hair loose and would not become loose.
Step 3 Finally, at the curly hair and bangs stick slightly to the hot volume, the hair is treated in the same ear.
BACK Development Group to clean and simple
refreshing interpretation of an elegant style but also the recent super-popular \Combined with an elegant diamond hair ornaments, increasing maturity of taste, from romantic princess will be able to transform into an elegant lady.
hair Step one
hair steps:

this way we can sustain the hair does not look loose
diagram before and after the effect of: sweet yet casual hair, whether commuting or appointments are OK!

3) little neck of the remaining hair with a hairpin turn up the fixed, tied bouquets can be simulated.
hair done LOOK
will all stick with the electric hair curling forward, to create a basic fluffy effect. Then gather the hair to one side and fixed with a rubber band, then place the rubber band around the final turn with a hairpin hair fixed, loose hair poked open to create a gorgeous visual effects.
Step 1
Bling cute hair ornaments hair bands made [Photos] REVIEW: hair bands popular in the hot season, or any natural, but this season has added a new element. More exaggerated, more shiny hair bands are the new hot spot this season.
the back of the renderings
Step7: After the formation of spray ball shape liquid

(6) will hold your hair off and then twisted together.
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] [/ img] [/ url]
hair focus:
2) prepared to send their tails, and lightly stir to highlight the fluffy silk air feeling.
Japanese Super 卡哇伊
(9) with a pinch of the same reversed direction of any. With U-clips.
easily create beautiful hairstyles [Photos] a gathering with friends of course more casual, but sometimes there will be an annual Alumni and friends invited to the party, and so need a little special occasions shape, how lovely to look very comfortable yet dignified and formal occasions, hair, but the key.
STEP 1: to Qicheng blow dry hair, apply a little disposable hair conditioner, hair curling with a point two-thirds of the scope of the next roll, rolled out the front part of both sides;

it! Look both before and after watching the left to see, right look, hair is very special, and the face seem to have much smaller then.

step4: decorative pearl hair accessories

graceful lady with long hair rolled up his plate made of DIY [map]

first catch the hair from the top part of ear hair, tied into the tail of its fixed in the post after the top and set aside behind the ears on both sides of the hair bundle.
ears first with curly hair above the volume bar bottle, and then fixed with the hairpin turn after, remember to mention that create a little high up the top hair. Pull the hair left hanging in the back of the head fixed. Hair under the ear is slightly spread to the slightly later.
# Pread. una a: hover {text-decoration: none}
after finishing a good look, use hair dryer to create a better hairstyle. This year's trend is the use made of wool and feather hair accessories, hair and gave to add warmth in winter. Rich feathers to a Katyusha, where a large type of hair accessories look young and active. When I was anxious to proceed order type, has no time for further consideration, and quickly take care of a rough hair, hair ornaments,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], hair is the best way to change the ordinary, but also can be used as a brooch instead.

hair into a small beam of a small beam, with a flat comb comb scraping from the top down against the bottle.
This step will affect the ball's shape, long hair, short hair, hair and more hair and fewer are likely to form different balls, so the right hand is around the same time, timely adjustment of the left hand is very important to find a few more practice That feeling it!

2: fine hair bands + fancy dish hair, beautiful personality
2) reverse with a comb and comb the hair bundle Zhaqi reserved in advance at the top of the hair to create a sense of fluffy air, the tail curls stick with the volume flowing into a small volume in order to add dynamism. Finally, on the other side of the beautiful pink floral, elegant, feminine styles distributed.

a delicate elegant feminine
(Ludlow / Harajuku headquarters of the United Nations ARROW Women's Hall) OGANJI flowers with a typical black turban. 1,890 yen
that card is not enough natural, you can pick your favorite bracelet jewelry, with a small clip from one side to the other side of the hair fixed.
Step 1, the fringe position after being singled out among a bunch of the beam, with a 38 mm beam toward the volumes within the volume will be sent well in place.
hair from the tail root volume to the hair rolled up.
Step2, adjustments tied the hair, the following queue, the pull the hair up, then use clamps, so that the upper and lower integration into a Xiece hair type.
5) bulk of the hair gently aside the tail part of the beam to create fluffy feeling
Step 5: In this way, both sides of the head and the back ends are concentrated together, the next time you spray some? miles stereotypes of water, so that some of fluffy hair.
elegant high plate made
step 2 and then head over the hair, gently pull out the part of the hair to create a fluffy feeling the air, pull the line as far as possible to maintain the natural sense.
lateral pattern hair
action required: rubber band, card, minute comb

not have too many deliberately shaped

together with the right hand grasp the tail reverse, homeopathic circles in the hair around the top, then the head will form a ball, then form balls with his left hand to control the angle, you can Larsson or tighten. The tail around to the end, with black hair clips into fixed.
look at the effect after the next map ~ whether it is an outing or shopping is very clear and bright and practical Oh!
2) the top of the hair bundles of hair-like turn into a fluffy tail of a horse with a fixed top hairpin.
# Pread. una a {text-decoration: underline}
clipped. Good small plate with a clamp fixed grip.

(10) to tail pinch and reverse pinch in the back of the head of fixed, fixed shape adjusted according to personal preferences, bring hair accessories, you're done.

1, braid, when Shoujin to be uniform, made out of elastic braids can be consistent.

recommend the latest fashion hair style
undulating waves of the lines is the key to success does not mean frizz free messy loose, fluffy hair a vivid gloss texture is the foundation. Will be fixed in the back of the head hair bulge form a nice arc, is the great popular feminine kingly hair.
4, the programmed cross-hair in the back plate, the use of issuing fixed. Note to Bianshao hidden in hair.
finished renderings
# Pread legend {color: # ED4A86; font-weight: 800; background: # fff; font-size: 12px; padding: 0 5px; margin-bottom: 0px! important; margin-bottom: 5px;}
# Pread img {margin-bottom: 5px}
Puff balls
SIDE plate made as to the high

This charming TSUKERE
point conclusion

hair to create methods:

As a quality OL
side effect diagram

tails plate made to create exotic
6) Finally, the hair in the back of the neck to the inside to prevent hair scattered into the hairpin.
Step2: hair tied into a tail to the posterior region
STEP3: the upper part with a comb the hair treatment, hair a little volume in the top of the comb. Low volume a beautiful profile, and then pull down the hair.
focus is to get behind the hair looks pretty, so just another song and a mess! The upper hair to cover the second beam when the beam made to pay attention to fine-tune the shape into the front looks very natural pine chaos, and the hair bundles and hair bundles there are subtle between the air feeling.

DIY [Photos]

youthful head pretty hair accessories DIY balls [map]
Like the previous handful of
hope this demonstration steps, we can understand! Peng and the key lies in the scratch wound on the two key! Peng is to make balls shaving head looks full of rich, if you are? Hair, then shave a little bit on the line! As the focus of winding, in principle, is winding down to the hair ring, but I remember the first ball at any time to adjust the degree and Punta forming, after forming can also be modified with a black barrette to place or scattered Peng's hair!
U-type clip number
This action can tail a little tight, and the hair will not look flat edge too closely.
hair too short, or people who made less, just scraping the hair homeopathic Punta circle at the focus to the hair, will form a ball, or your hands moistened with wax further concentrated action, so as not to not be too messy good focus!
be tied to the fold

Step3: to tighten and adjust the edge of the cauda equina

4 gorgeous sense of the latest models offer Japanese hair DIY [map]
complete map
hand-pulling the hair gently
do not want to cut the hair grow long, but occasionally want to try a new shape, then the hair away, to do level out, and instantly have a new LOOK.

(PUTIROBUNOA) working adults can try this lovely style, Valletta gold belt. 6,825 yen
step3: then hand coated with wax for hair styling, hair is divided into four streams.
hair Comments:
scraping near the hair roots is probably within 10cm. Long hair, as long as 10cm scratch near the hair root can, and short hair who can scrape all the hair, the tail to leave 1 ~ 2cm Do not scrape.

Han favorite
4) the remaining hair into a bunch of rope to the reverse, with a hairpin made in step 2 fixed beam in the lower left position.

Step 1

# Pread. nw td {background-position: bottom; background-repeat: repeat-x;}
step2: the tail of the need to be very important
Step 2
princess head is the most suitable hair style and elegant, while the upper side of the hair to one side, and pulled the official head of hair can help increase the feeling. MM looked lovely as this shape is also able to create a dignified and mature beauty.
Paul received any sent with a small face plate, come learn to see!
3) the tail hair with a hairpin slightly in the tail part of the inside of the fixed to make it into a full round bun. Then at the top end of the hair into the hair aside lightly spread out radially to add air feeling, while cover the hairpin. Final selection of thin hair bands worn on the slightly rearward position is complete.
Step 2, in front of the ears of the two beams leaving the hair long beam,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the remaining hair all up Shu Qi, in the form of makeup spiral curled inwards, with the hairpin fixed, made a little lean to the left.

the winding good hair, a ponytail below the center, with the fixed clamp.
Step2: to grab the hair with a rubber band in place.
/ * read key * /

STEP4: of wool, hair ornaments on the top side of the contract, handle the feeling of balance and loose. Hair Accessories results by clicking your fingers better.
hair Step Two
4, plate made ring inserted in the tip of hair down (hair band and hair roots between).
Step 3

4. combing is completed, with the mane comb, the hair smooth surface finishing, which can increase the hair look more glossy.

get bun lady Keira Knightley [Photos] Introduction: the father is an actor, playwright mother, grew up in the drama grew up in England under the influence of roses, in the \and Prejudice, \In \
STEP 3: Finally, on both sides with your fingers into the hair from the front, back rope, manufacturing, natural texture and shape of styling products with a moderate fixed, final adjustments on both sides of the shape of a retro lady hair done.
3, if they think a line of hair line too rigid, you can use the minute hand comb to \\

3. will be fixed up and down after two braids, and then reinforced in order to avoid black clip off.

horse head with a lazy late messy hair, creating a natural not artificial image of the lovely girls Oh
style1. girl style arbitrary loose bun
plate made to enhance the beautiful side of degrees
Step 1: leave some hair back a little to let it fall naturally, the remainder of the hair is divided into left and right sides of the head and the back four parts, with the hairpin fixed live
step3: fixed hair
2, especially for straight hair and longer hair

to the clavicle if the long natural hair hanging down below, it will emphasize the contours of the face, along with carved around the hair, facial swelling even more, like pictures of the same.
Lace hair band & hair
tails plate made to create exotic
hair Step Six
romantic little face plate made to create beauty hair [Photos]
(2) lap bar with a low-fat tail, like the people who clean and hair combed to the hair completely clean.

shape before the coated wax
step2: the tail rolled up, choose your favorite hair band wrap.

(4) twist grip the hair as much as possible.

1: Simulation Bouquet + winding side of the plate made, so that hair the flower bloom

step1: hair stick hair with volume, and then truss ponytail, and to scatter to the fluffy curls.
meatball head
(3) caught at random from a pinch of horsetail hair, less fat may reduce the group of people who catch each of these.
complete map
hair accessories 1
2) the back of the head with a hairpin turn up the upper part of hair fixed.

3. following the remaining part of the National Cheng Kung University electric hot rod volume. Volume level of the degree must be remembered,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or will empty out the middle piece.
repair experience:
anterior hair, pulled back hair on both sides at the circle, and then fixed with black hair clips, this whole head seem to not look too tight, and have more sense of depth.

Step4: splitting hair blowing bottle

stars being the side braided hair
3) will be issued in step 2 folding beam bending sense, with the hairpin fixed, the tail will be scattered into a radial dial.
hair bundles. Feather brooch (purple and black) 3990

2. first half hair tied into a tail (height and slope adjustment based on preferences), then the hair on the plate in the middle of hair, and then from the tail up, slowly rolling disk, disk to the root after hook fastened to the plate made.
plate made of the location to the top of the head, or baggy difficult to give an elegant impression, and winding of the hair is lighter and soft, to have the Smart breath.

then grab a handful of hair

plug in hair accessories, hair grab loose finishing.
arc high overhead, give people the feeling of elegance, but be careful not to pull too much, after all, is a gathering point of a good or natural.
2, randomly divided into two braids, hair must not reveal obvious seam.
special selection of 4 beautiful sense of Japan's latest offer hair styling, make you perfect in the warm spring season turned! (Text / bright fashion studio translation)

step1: Zhaqi ponytail
Step5: cheeks on both sides to seize the small hair bundles. If conditional, then roll out the arc with a hair stick is more beautiful.

2) in the left and right ear of each strand of hair aside. The remaining hair into a bunch of rope and reverse steps 1 to the right side of the hair bundle position.
used tools
3) the back of the head to reverse the direction of hair to the braids, the two share a bunch of fat in the dish beam synthesis, the side plate side with hairpin fixed position in the ears, and finally spread to the allocation of the tail be.
# Pread td {line-height: 24px;}
2. on the part of the hair is hair tied into pigtails tied into the side after the lower half of the hair is the same method.
build steps
Step 4: the hair is twisted into a stock side of the back side of the fixation with the hairpin. Twisted into a stock to make the process a little fluffy hair, some of Oh!
hair to create the steps:
offer good hair, the hair tail to stay outside, taking care of the messy nature must be feeling.
girl, we always have to pay attention to their clothing, makeup and hair and keep the most fashionable status. Xiao Bian we bring today is Japan in December recommended fashion magazine hair, so you know the latest fashion advice, standing in the forefront of fashion trends, teach you hair DIY.
hair Step Four
the hair does not start playing a little hair, and then wound clockwise direction on the following ponytail.

step4: use of stereotypes liquid hair styling can be rolled.
1, left and right sides, and into the braids. From the braided pigtails to the next best.
effects to create a basic fluffy
sweet and cute plate made
hair long or more people, you can use a little rough hair ring fixed (or 2 ring hair band), a fixed strength enough, you can not tie too tight, not let the tail drop.

5, will offer all hair hair hair on the circle.
braided with 3 shares make circles around the Step2, and fixed the tail hairpin.
hair focus:

# Pread. nw {border: # 06c solid 1px; background: # e8eff7; color: # 000}
Step 3, Step 2, leaving behind the hair bundle appropriated were caught up in step 2 produced a good fat group, respectively, according to pictures shown in a fixed direction.
hair to create Step4
plate made has been at the tip of the wave of sexy elegance to create timeless freshness, Smart's atmosphere, the beam pattern hair, crystal diamond credit card issuers, are essential for modeling the key, inadvertently Your sense of nobility between the sculpture, the perfect release of gorgeous charm! (Text / bright fashion studio translation)
carve elegant and noble dish with short hair hair [
Liu proportion to the incident has separated from his forehead before the scattered, the remaining hair up as much as possible look up the comb, comb beaten to the highest position a ponytail.

Step 2: hair pulled back to the root of the ear with a rubber band tied into a dumpling shape.
3: pink floral + high hairdo, elegant and dignified
refreshing short hair curly hair at the back will create some to create a feminine, flowing curly hair and bring Qing Yang feeling. Meanwhile, the ears and curly hair is also a two-beam echo the sense of a gorgeous soft key.
4. hair band is the final step, you can adjust the lace pattern is a form.
STEP5: The following hair coated with wax, the cute buttons lead to the side, and not cluttered.

Hers Tip:
hair Comments:
up fixed. Then the remaining hair up concentrated in a handful of a handful of places offer good hair, and fixed with a clamp.
(1) coated with wax before styling to make the hair easier to style.
Mei Mei

hair ring a
second lace hair band changes shape, the use of code tied to the skills, this is a look complicated, but as long as the know-how to catch a variety of different shapes can change the way, tied into pigtails and then after black clip Zhaqi fixed, or just not all Zhaqi, leaving a thick loose tails are a lot of flavor.
# Pread. una {border-left: 1px solid # ccc; border-right: 1px solid # ccc}

Step1, the upper and lower oblique hair, and then place near the left ear, one last look tied up, not close to the scalp tied. Before the onset of the tie, stick with a medium volume, the hair was good.

sleek silhouette with layers, showing a woman elegant and gentle curves.
6, and then pull down the natural hair.
fixed hair and pick out a ray.
1) the bangs and the top of the hair leaving the remaining hair with a rubber band at the height Zhaqi, the bottom of the hair up with a hairpin turn and fixed.
Japanese tie balls out of the first steps [image]

Japanese makeup & hair done LOOK

Japanese fashion magazines are often concerned about the MM in the magazine must have known the high frequency of balls in the first pull, this hairstyle is easy to learn and wild hair, so today I will introduce this type of Japanese hair balls DIY PP .
step by step

Twist hair style straight hair Niuchu [Photos] Lead: Sina users using a simple DIY super flower hair accessories hair type. Step by step Xiangjie map Oh, easy to learn. Try it together soon.
hair steps: 1. the hair is divided into upper and lower regions, it is best left ear and right ear top to the bottom of the ramp connecting boundaries. (The lower model is then issued by the hair)
hair cut? 10 years of age [Figure] In this dreary winter, the beauty of the girls are always racking their brains to break the monotony, as these two girls, hair style, very low-key is very cute the crowd in fits you become one of the most prominent eye-catching, but also allows you to instantly reduce 10-year-old too!
2) followed by the rest of the hair in order to reverse the upward spiral, plate to the hair bundles tied and fixed with a hairpin.
is not only the ears and the ears have a few bundles left the tail to create a sense of steady, do not have too many deliberately shaped, loose texture suitable for gatherings among friends.
step4: finishing level

# Pread. nw span {margin: 0 20px 0 10px}
U-type clip
DIY Japanese popular sense of wild meatball head [Photos]

1) will face weeks of bangs and long hair two beams leaving the hair bundle, the hair simply tied into a tail in the head, the location only as high fashion sense.
2, fixed side of the hair with a rubber band, the other side of the braid the hair from the side, and gradually add the rest of the hair braids. About the same as the operation of the two braids.
wound with a thread tied to single out the hair at the hair.


rotation braids. Will rotate in one direction braided into a small clutch.
Step1: the hair is divided into anterior and posterior region of
wool and feathers, hair accessories made the most of this year IN

way you can comb the hair with a comb on both sides.
1. hair all caught the side, the upper and lower two parts, together with a rubber band tied to income.

dazzling modern plate made of moving [map]
how to make your face look small and it? Focus is that Liu, fluffy and head 3! Check it out together!
Step4: make a contract with a small steel card in place.
step1: twisted edge around the edge
head, ear side and keep the hair behind the ear, the rest of the hair with a hairpin turn fixed to the back of the head after. And then leave that part of the hair with a hair curling rod, cover the head of hair inside the hair down and you're done friends.
STEP 2: roll up the bottom of the hair in the back of the head, from outside to inside, and roll into a contract with the card fixed, it is best to hide the card close to the scalp;
Journal of the Japanese in December
step1: will all the hair is divided into three layers, namely, fixed with fat ring truss.
neat little ball like that can surface gently with a comb in the balls together and then sprayed with hair spray stereotypes; if like the sense of random chaos, you can spray directly on stereotypes spray.
1, comb hair with a minute hand are divided into two from the middle, neatly combed. Sprayed with a small amount? To the comb jelly water.
simple step 5 to send an instant reduction swashplate face [Photos]

Peng range

from the top of the head with a pointed tail comb? sub-lines to both sides of the sea bottom, is divided into anterior and posterior region.

3, with a small lock of hair wrapped around the rubber band to tie hair up, so ugly rubber band \
arbitrary arrests from the cauda equina in a handful of hair
disk back hair tight, pay attention to the back of the head with a pointed tail comb hair, pick the top of the loose, it would look nice little bottle of the arc.

hair partition, finished tied to a moment when the first ball, do not look naked whole head, leaving some of the hair not tied to the former area into the tail, the last change can be done.
simple dish made to make you look cool, neat, thick tails and thin child behind but reveal feminine and delicate.
inverse comb the hair after the hair root in the formation of a ball, catch the end of this ball of hair with a little reverse the tail end.

princess head is the most suitable for elegant style

Step3, the ear on the side of the hair, are close to the inside, not to exceed the hair of the hairline. Xiece to the back of the head of hair, all in the same way, so that the overall stylish uncluttered.

TIPS: In combing the hair before using the moisturizing effect of hair care products, can dish out the hair shiny. Wax can be used of course, a little head of hair fixed, make the hair tidy are not messy.

Shoulong coming to an end at the top, showing slender white neck skin, the perfect outline the contours of the beautiful side of women.
has been a lot of girls love to tie ball head, but I do not know how to catch a beautiful arc. The stylist told you! Code good braided and then wrapped 3 shares does not allow the ball out of the hair type of disorder, but also simply clip out the shape balls Oh ~

hair Step Three
Style 1. bud head hair
2 minutes to get the first flower buds [Figure]
Lead: 2 Super Princess plate made, three can be done, easy to learn. Come with DIY, the wind turned it gorgeous cute.
Finally, the hair to play hair
Step8: the hair before treatment area
first plate made DIY
(BINZU Tom / news brand) 19 950 birds, 3,255 million yen Katyusha

# Pread. nw a {color: # 000}

# Pread a {color: # 000; text-decoration: none}
charming temptation to [Photos]
1) Wax coating on the hair after half Zhaqi, fixed on the top of the head with a decorative design on the left.
Integrated bun sweet lovely princess

step4: put out good points, respectively, with the issuing of fixed hair, and finally adjust the hair, the formation of full rounded Fabin.
hair to create methods:


DIY tails and thick plate made of feminine [map] REVIEW: The smell of a woman full of braids plate made, of course, the hair smooth and full of flavor, will be more points. In the plate before the incident, along with a little hair gel, hair is not only easier to drive, tell whether the braids look more romantic.
head of youth was Yang


high balls tied to a bun, with cute hair accessories, so show a beautiful young girl not only youth, but also distribute unlimited vitality.

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