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Woman wrote heartfelt words of men 10

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Woman wrote heartfelt words of men 10 women's ten private message addressed to a man, a woman in the end want to know what kind of man you want, then please read below -

one, men do have to remember live, never brought home a woman and another woman comparison.

not always say how good someone else's wife, do not reprove She was not beautiful, she can marry you it is your blessing, you say, is really very should. For most women, hear their favorite people say she's a good that is better than everyone put together that she's good enough. Moreover, the love she had the heart to hurt her?

Second, she can not be left out of every few days.

women are sensitive, suspicious, and she will a lot of things to the negative direction of thought.

fact that a quick kiss in front, opened the door to go home when a hug will make you think of it after a woman deeply touched, they are not hard to do that for men, is not it? I remember when you're sad and together they tell her to share in her sad holding her hand when the temperature of the heart to pass her.

Third, do not put the woman you see his face, a temper of men to women is so abhorrent.

you are dressed neatly in a business field, she juggle at home, and busy with her household has a belly fire, you should know because she did all this behind you to make you worry-free. Imagine a man to go home after work, said: his wife, are you busy all day, it is tough! A woman laughed and said: no, you do it hard! That is how harmonious a picture.

four men working together than the ratio of jobs than men, women came together more than children.

so in front of her girlfriend, you will need to show love and pamper her, let her feel like a princess, all women will have a full share of jealous love. If she is a sensible woman, she certainly will be in front of your buddy to meet you face, in front of your friends to be a big man of indomitable spirit.

five, and men like to watch beautiful women, like women also like to watch guy.

jealous can you get angry, but a woman you love to see a handsome guy when in fact, than men to see the beauty of mind when the mind is more simple, she just saw some good things just exclaims, like to see a picture, like the United States, unlike men, as there will be more fantasy.

six,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his wife is married to pain, we have very good men will never beat his wife's.

love her if it would have to respect her, can not just do it. If you do not love her, then you touch my conscience: I can make her happy? If the answer is no,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], then let her go, let her find her really good people. Do not let yourself go too wrong to let her go free!

seven women like macho man, so let them feel safe.

men can not resist a woman is more gentle, if a woman's gentleness is to deal with man's weapon, then the gentle man casual woman can definitely be said for nuclear weapons. But women also have their own natural maternal instinct that is complex, she occasionally will take you as their own children everywhere spoiled, but you have to remember not to get into the late-inch.

eight, the family is always first.

man should of course be responsible for work, but must also have professional ethics, from work to have fun, but do not do the work of slaves, we work to have more fun with your family and enjoy life is very important Remember time to time and your wife and your kids enjoy their grandchildren.

September, the parents love that their parents, Care around the.

老吾老以及人之老, as long as the heart really feel this is my own parents, psychologically intimate attachment to the elderly, the elderly will feel the true. Moreover, old people are like children, like children, as long as the coax to coax elderly happy enough. We did have the old one, to do Xiabei the mirrors, so they know how to respect the elderly.

ten, two people remember to get along with honest, trust, tolerance, understanding.

not cover everything, but can also be forced to lie when you say a kind, one in the scale of their grasp. Stand each other's position on the lot to see one thing, think of her situation, understand what the difficulty with her. Remember: You are her favorite people,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], you have to understand her,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], support her in her forgiving when mistakes to right.

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