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Wolf - interpretation of the most perfect image of

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PostWysłany: Sob 18:51, 18 Gru 2010    Temat postu: Wolf - interpretation of the most perfect image of

The first article,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Wolf love my wife more than you love yourself
this is must have for her husband's condition. Wolf see people caught each sheep, the lamb is always hard to adults in front of his wife, broiled or fried all the wives have the final say. This man always put his wife first.
second, Wolf and love of labor
this couple, but the basic conditions to live at home,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the emphasis is on the details of life, do housework, kids that all the details. Not only woman to perform at home, men should perform the same family.
see Wolf caught the sheep every day, my wife went out to eat very hard, but he still insists on doing the housework, laundry, housecleaning, and what activities do not have my wife to intervene, more love of labor ah. Marry such a husband, intimate love sweet home
third, Wolf bright and capable and determined
Wolf grasping each sheep idea is obvious to all, and each associate can catch, but unfortunately the script requirements, the last sheep have run away from the pot.
but failed every time, Wolf will share with the audience shouted one: I'll be back! Look, people have more stamina, more intensity this psychological barrier. This smart and able to marry her husband, which in case of unemployment in the financial crisis, the man has perseverance, will be back! Good man of your quality, your perseverance in there.
Article IV, Wolf and strong hands
Wolf in life, is a home expert, to prevent his wife from the hands at home, work,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], home, all things large and small packages. If this was live in a modern, practical ability is a powerful quasi-man. Home fuse, his repair. Toilet block, he pass. Water leak, he added. Chair legs folded, his nails.
Article V, Wolf never feel bad for his wife to spend money
to see the emergence of the performance of Grey Wolf,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Red Wolf would like to use ten pieces of sheep skins for coats, although this is pieces of Wolf difficult to complete the task, but his eyes said yes without blinking . Ten sheep is not a small fortune ah, Wolf brought a change the whole coat. This too makes her husband moved. Looking to find a husband does not blink, you willing to spend money.
Article VI, Wolf never bother to bring, and his wife single-mindedness
Now this fast-paced world, can inhibit the temptation to men, it is not easy. Wolf single-mindedness that is worth learning and recognition of the spirit too. Although a small arctic fox could not withstand the occasional winks to the people of the hospitality offered to catch frogs give each other wrongful acts occurred, but his wife waiting for the call would be nice to go home. The good man could not be remembered, if not a matter of principle, to forgive him just fine.
Article VII, Wolf never hidden their own money
money to bad men. But the result in the deterioration of their own money hotbed of men. Wolf caught the sheep do not hide the whole left a wife, this spirit is commendable, do not hide their own money man is a good man!
Article VIII, Wolf and his wife never to discuss right and wrong is also wrong for the wife
Red Wolf Shuoyibuer that many women have dignity, too long face a fellow female! have such a husband to worry about making mistakes, did not worry about family dispute occurs, enjoyable!
Article IX, Wolf cook
not sheep when hungry Wolf afraid of his wife, cook dinner for his wife adult. Without any complaints. A man will be able to cook nutritious woman like a flower, which is one of the skills necessary for contemporary husband ah.
Article X, Wolf will be a wife to please
wife happy, Wolf to find ways to coax her happy. And is playing does not fight back, reviled, reviled not that type. Do not worry about domestic violence. More cool to have such a husband.

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