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Set Up The Stage in Singapore Tifo Soft Dialogues

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Tifo Soft became the first domestic institution which set up software and services outsourcing office in Singapore
The embryonic form of Tifo Soft outsourcing platform has been structured in respect of Europe, US, Japan and Korea software outsourcing markets
The first domestic software and services outsourcing institution entered into Singapore-Chengdu Tifo Soft has stridden its way into the ihub industrial park. The good news spread from the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, that Chengdu Tifo Soft had set up an office in Singapore in order to penetrate the software outsourcing market of European and US multi-national corporations and pilot the software outsourcing industry of Chengdu to the international market.
It is informed that the outsourcing platform of Tifo Soft has established branches in US, Japan, Finland, and Canada etc. The setting up of its Singapore office this time is a symbol indicating the formation of embryonic form of software outsourcing industry of our city towards the Europe, US, Japan and Korea markets. According to plan, the outsourcing business through the Singapore office will reach up to 2 million US dollars by 2007.
The moving-forward of the software outsourcing frontline
"If we were only the indirect software contractors at the second or third level in the past, we will be able to dialogue with the international IT tycoons directly when our offices are set up. "Mr. Zhang Wei, the deputy managing director of Chengdu Tifo Soft told the reporter yesterday. It is said that the setup of the office in Singapore is a forward move of the "frontline" of the software outsourcing of our city; it is not only the "bridge tower" of the Chengdu software outsourcing enterprises facing the Southeast Asia and connecting the global market, but also a positive strategic exploration of the software industry of our city to implement the globalization strategy and actively link itself to the global market.
As a professional provider of supporting and consulting services, Chengdu Tifo Soft Outsourcing Services Company offers clients complete outsourcing development, testing and technical support services, utilizing the software and hardware environments of Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. Besides,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], being the bearing enterprise appointed by the city for the software outsourcing business platform,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Chengdu Tifo Soft will provide clients with a series of relevant professional consulting and supporting services including software outsourcing market channel consulting, technical platform support for the software outsourcing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the organization and training of software outsourcing professionals, and the management and incubation of software outsourcing business,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], etc.
Get access to the Europe and US markets
"Singapore is the `signal tower`for link to the Southeast Asia and even the whole global software outsourcing market. "Mr. Liu Yong, deputy hi-tech zone management committee told the reporter yesterday that over 70% of the global 500 have established offices in Singapore at present. It is a method for global link for Chengdu enterprises entering into Singapore as well as an access to the Europe and US markets.
It is noted that being the "front office" in Singapore of the Chengdu Tifo Soft software outsourcing business platform, the office will make it a priority to develop the software outsourcing business and thus reinforce its ability to take orders of international software business. Concurrently, the business platform will "knock the door" to connect to the local relevant software enterprises and multinational corporations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], organize their visits to Chengdu and seek for common grounds for cooperation.
It is informed that the Singapore Economic Development Board and International Enterprise Singapore will organize the local enterprises to visit Chengdu and seek for cooperation during the China International Software Cooperation Fair next year. Meanwhile, Chengdu Tifo Soft software outsourcing services company is planning to organize 49 software-[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] of Chengdu to visit Singapore by stages to develop the linkage and cooperative relationship with the local enterprises.
The emerging embryonic form of the outsourcing platform
The reporter has learned that the business platform of Chengdu Tifo Soft software outsourcing has established overseas branches in US, Japan, Finland, Canada, etc. The setting up of its Singapore office this time is a symbol indicating the formation of embryonic form of software outsourcing industry of our city towards the Europe, US, Japan and Korea markets.
"For Europe and US outsourcing markets, US, Canada and Singapore are the `front line` moved forward; For Japan and Korea markets, we have the deployment in both Japan and Finland." According to Mr. Liu Yong, the outsourcing platform is one of the five platforms being developed by our city, and the projects brought out or introduced in through this platform will enjoy some favorable policies.
It is informed that up to now, there is some "wedlock" between numbers of Singapore and Chengdu enterprises. Some well-known Singapore enterprises, such as Singapore Technologies Electronics, Frontline Technologies, Corporate Brokers, etc., have thrown out the "olive branches" expressing their intentions to expand their business to Chengdu. The Chengdu local enterprises, Sofmit and Seasky for instance, are in the processes of establishing linkages with them. "It is anticipated that there will be a portion of 2 million US dollars of software outsourcing acquired through this office next year."
Relevant links
By the year of 2005, there were in Chengdu nearly 400 certified software enterprises and over 1000 certified software products; the software sales revenue was 13.5 billion RMB and the export value was 150 million US dollars, an increase of 35% and 58% respectively. The number of software industry trade personnel was over 60,000 and the area of structure was over 1.5 million square meters. More than 30 of global 500 software enterprises and a number of China electronic 100 enterprises have settled in Tianfu Software Park.
Presently, Tianfu Software Park is the home of some backbone corporate groups in the fields of software outsourcing, information security, digital media and communication embedded software, which possess strong research and development abilities. A certain regional competitive advantage has been established. The above said fields will be the focus points in the future growth and more than 1 billion RMB is being devoted to the fundamental aspects each year in support of the software industry.

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