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Girls the right way of life (for your girlfriend o

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girls the right way of life (for your girlfriend or wife received a)
On life

1. In a clean bed to sleep naked
2. Menstrual period does not eat chocolate, because it will increase dysmenorrhea
3. Cultivate the habit of recording menstrual cycles
4. By movement rather than the adjustable underwear to shape the curve
5. not Alice his legs, so as to avoid nerve
6. personal clothing does not dry
7. pull the wind is not appropriate for everyday wear thong
8. last year after exposure to the clothes you can wear
9. if not necessary, do not use sanitary pads
10. periodically check cosmetics shelf life of
11. bath for one hour after the re-make
12. Even if the beauty, and do not in the outer edge of the upper ear cartilage piercing site
13. know their family medical history, especially the history of the mother and grandmother

on diet

1. in between milk and soy milk, the latter
2. felt that I could eat half-bowl too, the left table
3. if the body does not feel hungry, just drink four cups a day Water
4. more Suannai
5. for whatever reason, are not smoke
6. in the recipe to add grains and vegetables
7. drink green tea than black tea
8. seriously breakfast more than dinner
9. control the amount of salt
10. get up after the first brushing teeth or drink water
11. often chew gum
12. early in the morning one night, two apples can improve constipation
13. pure vegetarian may lead to abnormal hormone secretion, resulting in infertility
14. eat at least once a week, fish
15. away from the cola and other carbonated drinks
16. drink long cooking pot Tom
17. no such thing as milk, fruit juice, which is a natural enemy
18. eating fruit before meals than after meals
19. bedtime can have a glass of red wine
20. a cup of coffee may lead to osteoporosis

women on the campaign

1. and more to enjoy the morning sun 8-9
2. running, cycling and other sports can keep the beautiful legs Ministry of lines
3. hot foot bath can be effective in preventing varicose veins
4. the spirit of extreme fatigue when decompression is not appropriate to exercise, rest is more important
5. in winter, playing outdoor sports
6 . 10 floors below, do not take the elevator
7. once every three months to change your fitness menu
8. daily exercise for half an hour, instead of the weekend Sports 3 hours
9. watching TV while doing calisthenics
10. often walk
11. siesta is a good time for fitness, not necessarily wait until the evening
12. light wearing comfortable shoes of course, but ignored the adverse health
13. sleep half cervical spine more conducive to the hard beds health
14. go to a regular hospital rather than beauty salons massage
15. non-exercise state drink functional beverages
16. half an hour after exercise, rest and then bathing
17. not too noisy gym
18. correct posture is more effective than a special trip to the gym

about love

1, send text messages to you if like people, he did not return. Do not relapse.
2, do not miss the same person 24 hours. Can be divided a little to the family and friends.
3, if a man in his favor on the ground, do not come to visit your condition, do not return your mail, do not care about your situation, you can not bear the burden of life, can not give you courage. Courage, automatically leave. Nothing is more concerned about their own.
4, learn to bear the pain. Some words, for rotten in the heart, some pain, for silent forget. When experienced, you grow up, they know like.
5, do not torture anyone or anything for himself. Such as not eating, crying,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], self esteem,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], depression, these are the fools do. Of course, sometimes silly look at the need, life need not always smart.
6, once only love one person.
7, to remember the birthday of the person you like, including your family, of course, himself.
8, wear textured clothing, looking for a quality boyfriend. He does not necessarily wealthy, but be sure to make you feel secure and happy.
9, love the people that love you. If only you love him, or just that he loves you. Separately as early as possible. Women do not need to pretend to love others, you do not need to pretend to love someone.
10, if you decide to leave a person, action should be quick, cut the Gordian knot; if you decide to love someone, over time the point, look at it for you.
11, the leisure time to cook their own tea, coffee, drink, eat or make tea, put some tenderness music, read a few pages of books, and then sleep Lanjue, Yoshiya.
12, serious about your work. Work may not be as it makes your heart to love, but at least you can guarantee food to eat, a place to live, not sure can not give them the love, so, serious hard work.
13, Ningquewulan. Do not be lonely grabbed a man, it is not fair to you and him, and too lacking a sense of responsibility.
14, you do not like the pursuit of those who show good and firmly say no and refuse to care about. Even if he said that none of your business.
15, if no one to accompany a person learn to be completed.
16, any occasion, to maintain proper conservation. Learn to say thank you, your hard work, I'm sorry. Wrong thing to know how to apologize and turn over.
about love:

Do not think that after that there are better, because now have is the best. Do not think that was still young to get married later, love is the age range. Do not give up too far away, love to ride the train with you. Do not give up because someone is not rich, if not incompetent, hard-working can make you rich. Do not give up because their parents object, you will find to give up because of this reason anti-love, regret will be your life. In fact, for love, the more simple the more happiness. Talk about a love life is the best, experience too much, will numb; separated more, will be used; for more than lovers will be more; the end, you will not believe in love; you will give up on themselves; you will zombie; you will marry someone you do not love, it is so for life.

about love:

Maybe love is a sad fairy tale and, being far away and the real. Give up a love of suffering people do not give up a loved one that you only pain. If time and space are not destined distance, if agreement can not be missed always together; not too concerned about everything, but without the need to insist, let all revel. Escape does not necessarily avoid them; the face are not necessarily the most difficult; alone does not necessarily unhappy; are not necessarily permanent; loss is not necessarily no longer have. Love is a pleasure, even if the pain will feel happy; love is an experience, even if broken will feel sweet; love is an experience, even if broken will feel beautiful; Do not be lonely and indulgence, not because of indulgence and lonely life.

About partner:

swear non-partner is not married or you do not marry the man you do not marry, but find that your body has many shortcomings still choose the person you ; partner is not a life you love also love to eat cucumber cucumber ta man, but the food you eat egg yolk man ta; partner is not dark and entered the hotel arm in arm with you man, but look forward to you coming back for dinner at the door the man; partner is not, and you talk about love, the \man. In a happy marriage, the partner is not a specific person, but you and ta decades settling down the years: a tacit understanding, a warmth, a dull, an understanding, a tolerance. Ta ra love will make happy, this is the companion ........

on commitment:

in ancient Greek legend, the couple will ring on the other side middle finger, because they believe there are a blood vessel through the heart. So promise rings, which means that hard! But how much love can be life and death on earth bald, how many of the conditions can be forever? So you have to spend a lifetime may not be your favorite, your favorite may not be able to spend a lifetime with you. How many lovers do not go into each other's life, only hard to go off to the afterlife; and the number of men and women came into the marriage of love but no longer cherish each other's pay. So remember the treasure the people you love, and treat every day as a plain dependent of each other last moment, a good lover's hands clenched, even if the face is old ta, ta sounded even the vicissitudes of life, that is the eternal warmth of your memory. Do not forget the commitment to hold on ta, ta do not forget to just hold hands,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], whole life life .....

about life:

life is a dream, years of relentless . I look back, only to find people alive is a mood. Poor Ye Hao, Fu Ye Hao, may Ye Hao, lost 也好. Everything is gone. Think about it,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], regardless of yesterday, today, tomorrow, is a beautiful day can suddenly see the light. Regardless of family, friendship, love, to cherish forever is a good mood. I remember a classic text reads: Do not forget once owned; has been more cherished; Do not give up their own; things you have lost; want to get we must strive; tired landed his heart; options the do not regret it; hard and we have to know how to meet; pain only to enjoy life; hurt to recognize the strong; always windy in the morning; always gorgeous evening; total meteor night. Life is like a way of no return ticket, no rehearsals, every game is broadcast live. A good grasp of every performance is the best treasure of life. In the present and enjoying life!

about friendship:

one day, friendship and love met. Love asked Friendship: the world has me, why you are there? Friendship smiled and said: love to make people cry, and the existence of friendship is to help people to wipe away the tears! Friends is: occasionally worried about you, to your care for you? Heart, like you happy, make you happy, we assure you. Friends, caring and is sad when a rare ..... and I might say; pain do not forget to tell me; do not forget to notify me when sick; difficult to remember to ask me; disappointed when you think of And I; happy when not forget me. Friends of the definition, this is it ..... we are friends, that was enough .......

on a smile:

been misunderstood when to slight smile, which is a quality; wronged when to calm smile, a generous; disadvantage can be happy when the smile, which is a open-minded; when you can laugh at the predicament of the smile, This is the kind of wisdom; helpless smile when the concept can be reached, which is a state; crisis was only able to calm smile, this is an atmospheric; was contemptuous smile, when to calm, which is a self-confidence; lovelorn When can I gently smile, which is a free and easy. No matter what it is, for what reason we have every day a smile ..... ...........

about life:

Sunrise East China Sea off the sun, unhappy day too, happy day, too; failing into a dead end, people are comfortable, comfortable heart; daily living to receive the money, more like, less like; less meat and more Suri meals, crude also sweet, fine too sweet; old and new clothes are not picking, good and warm, too warm Lai; often chat with friends, old also talk about this also; whole family interaction Weimian, peace and quiet too poor, too rich with peace and quiet.

of happiness:

legend Happiness is a beautiful glass ball, broken to pieces, scattered in every corner of the world. Some people picked up more, and some people picked up less. No one can have it all. Love love you select your choice and cherish everything we have now. Alive is a feeling, seize today, and set tomorrow, storage forever. As long as the intentions of feelings, happiness will always be there.
people always do not value what they have until no longer have the time missed will be doubled, and in that their soon lose the things they own but can do nothing, it was unwilling to let go Xunsimihuo, hysteria often occurs at this time, and for the dedication of life to death is really just let go

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