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Gave away the secret worth a thousand words

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18 will control who just a few people; not care who control many people.
will control who will be; not care who's effect officers.
will be, ten is enough; effect officers, the more the better.
19 would rather not work; not to do silly things.
does not work, not the best conditions; to do stupid things, but it is the worst situation.
02 to see whether a person is reliable, depends on whether he is an old friend. A new friend who just is not reliable

03 people have a sense of weight; should also have a sense of proportion. People feel a sense of weight you have the power; sense of proportion to suggest that you use the power of art. Scholars think that way as
04; as a business man as action.
05 world there are only four people

the first person: innocent man, innocent things; do friends, not working; work with them, you will lose this friend;
; the second person: worldly life, worldly things; not friends, only to work; to make friends with them, you will do things to drop;
third of people: sophisticated man , innocent things; not friends, not working; not be friends with them, and do not work;

30 turn tail man; wearing a mask to work; to spotlight the beautiful aura of light in others it is not too much .--- WTO basic principles of doing things.
31 friends, talk about content; do not speak form. Packaged, friendship dilution.
32 emphasize, highlight,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], zoom. Poets and politicians, this is a special skill. The poet is happy or sad person amplification; politicians to enlarge the things he wants to enlarge a brilliant politician who is a poet.
33 key issues of a woman, she was in critical moments, how to deal with key issues, said that only women?
34 have five minutes to make friends in the open; and also to have five years of persistent friendship brewing.
way to the life and work, make friends and do business unified.
35 errors in three ways: First, due to lack of experience mistake; the second is due to insufficient capacity mistake; third is due to the mistakes of moral defect.
the same mistakes, committing a question of experience; guilty of two of capacity issues;
make mistakes in order to seek benefits for itself, a moral issue.
lack of experience made the wrong person, give him the opportunity to correct;
wrong person guilty of insufficient capacity, they should immediately transfer to another job;
guilty of wrong moral deficiencies should be resolutely deal, leaving troubles.
36 people, both with passion; also rational. One thing needs to create a passion; achievement a matter that requires rational.
37 artists to trust their instincts; businessmen to cater to the tastes of others. Therefore, culture is difficult to do business. He would light sweet spicy Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine, cooking into a dish. Only when this dish is not only their own people like the taste, is the tastes of the delicious cuisine.
38 water, the most delicate; water, the most hard; water, the minimum for; water, the most inclusive. Water, and the world the same shape. Who's mettle practice into the water to almost attained. Albert great things, non of its none other.
39 Today, the atmosphere could easily be as silly; generosity can easily be seen as confused; you for your kind can easily become someone else's good fortune. Therefore, the atmosphere must be accompanied Dazhi; generous efforts should go hand in hand; polite restraint should have been.
40 to find people to do things, instead of looking for dozens of little people; better to spend ten times the energy a big shot.
This is just to say things?
41 friends are important to their own capital; to make friends is the greatest investment. Some people make friends only short-term; some friends can do long-term. It was specifically to buy blue chip stocks, one is a real-time fishing; some potential stocks to buy, the moment Hua Xiaoqian earning lots of money. This is not only a question of interest; and is an intelligent question.
42 correctly is not the right thing to do, it is hard for the losers;
not properly do the right thing, it is futile to failure; ;
incorrectly can not do the right thing, which is a complete loser;
correctly do the right thing, this is truly a winner.
20 There is no absolute truth. Therefore, there is no one view is irrefutable; no one view is not discussed.
real rigidity is interest. But even the interest, but also to compensate, you can substitute.
clever negotiators, so that the relative of opposing views; the alternative of competing interests.
effort is to convince the former; the latter's effort to regulate.
21 across the river to Chaiqiao people in later life, there will be no bridge. But this man will never become extinct.
Their logic is: a billion Chinese people, I take the time each man the bridge is enough. Possible?
22 effort doing things not in place when dealing with others will be odor.
poetry like writing papers; business as an official; friends like to do business.
23 if something is not properly handled, the key is to deal with things; if a number of matters handled properly, the key is to deal with people.
24 visits is not difficult; difficult for the police himself. Ming is not difficult to see; difficult in rigorously enforce.
25 and solve the problem decisively; solution to the problem to be tactful.
we often mistake is: to solve the problem very cool lake; solution to the problem is very decisive.
26 is best not to do business among friends; but in order to do business, best friends do first.
27 round, is the highest form of all existence. Tai to the small things that are round.
28 knockouts, if not completely, then you have to win over opponents. Or knock him; or win over him. This is the general guidelines for dealing with opponents.
29 never harm; crucial has never hurt you. Had passed through you, because of guilt after the heart may help you. This is both a man's problem, but also the wisdom mind of the problem is the problem

first know you know; understand what they can do, is clever;
01. Weirenchushi five people five ways:
fourth people do not know you do not know. Do not understand they can not do, is crazy, some people are a combination of first and second, smart and wise.
Albert world are they molded. The most valuable thing they also achieved their own;
some people is the third and fourth of the mixture, both confused and crazy. The world's folly is that they caused. Their worst, destroyed trouble, but also consumes itself. What
06 innocent man? A man with a childlike innocence;
what worldly things? Work hard drive.
07 crux of a clown, gave him a big stage, let it thoroughly insane performance;
crucial point of a villain, let him play a great responsibility , the extremely heavy burden on him over his head;
should topple an industry leader, put his high-rise to another unfamiliar area;
; to destroy a group of giant panda, do not put it migrated to the fertile land of bamboo plants.
Whether you are a villain or a genius or adults, have a way to stab you down gently.
interaction with others, must be aware of.
08 for some people to speak to all say;
to be part of some people to speak out.
talking to some people only said half of the front;
talking to some people back to talk about half.
talking to some people through their friends;
talking to some people through their opponents said.
let him talk to some people's friends;
talking to some people to let his opponent said.
be decisive for some people to speak altogether;
for some people to speak to ambiguity.
talking to some people to talk about the reasons;
talking to some people to talk about the results.
talking to some people that are so counter;
for some people to speak to irony being said.
14 on the big and small
seen through the events: detachment; see through the little things: open-minded.
see through things: attachment; can not see through little things: care about. Some people may be detached and
care about, the mind open and narrow-minded;
persistent and some people may be open-minded, simple-minded and open-minded. Some people never wanted
event, they are naive or stupid.
15 There are several people in life:
the first person with common sense, no thought, but not the opposite of dogmatic thinking. They are healthy, like an animal health.
the second person with common sense, but also dogmatic, a use for each. Working with the dogma of life by common sense. They are semi-healthy.
third people lack common sense,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], completely dominated by the thought, or taught completely disposable article. From ordinary people's point of view, they are patient,
the former is a madman, which is the fool.
16 Most men can get the woman he loved, but only a few men can do no harm to leave the woman he no longer loves. Man's quality, by the way he left a woman appearing.
17 for partners, not just high and narrow-minded people; rather have it low and open-minded person. The former narcissistic, does not allow other people; which modest and pretend to be under the sea.
former can do things, not Yields; the latter can not work, do leaders.
43 people if you can not put down once, on the first Shedao He rode horses; if you place one can not directly indirectly on the first place in several steps. This is a difficult thing to do the basic principle.
44 to create one thing, you seek the views of ten people, one in favor of doing, you should immediately do it;
five in favor of the do, you should be careful to do; Ten were in favor of doing, you should not do.
45 World No events; only villain. Adults can expand small; villain can be a small event. Burger is small, but can do production value of several hundred billion dollars; make an airplane is great, but occupied by the enemy to make low-grade van impasse. The former has McDonald's; latter Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Factory.
46 what is learned to listen? Is listening to others before them; not listen to his speech in front of others.
47 enemies become friends, and more reliable than a friend; friends into enemies more dangerous than the enemy.
48 words out of some more flavor, that the taste; some more flavor, then guess, that the fun;
write some more flavor, then, that the aftertaste; some words come out more enlightened taste, that the taste;
some more flavor, then do not say, that the depth of flavor.
49 Some people only with their friends; some people can only do business with.
confused when business people do their friends; smart people in business to make friends.
friends value the friendship; business is supposed to benefit.
only when the interests of a high degree of friendship and harmony, was not only good friends, but also do the business.
50 Yu says: do portrait water; things like a mountain.
Wang Qiang, also said: everyone should light; doing things deep.
Zhang Yuan Bing wrote: man heart; to work with the plot.
51 should do one thing well,General Secretary of sincere concern for the stude, the key is to do; make something bigger, the key is doing it.
52 Sparrow said the elephant, I am better than you can fly; fox said the Tiger, I am better than your wisdom;
fish on the eagle, I will water than you . Zebra say to man, I am better than you will run.
own strengths than the weaknesses of others, are low self-esteem self-confidence;
their own strengths to fight other people's weaknesses, but it is certainly the champion.
53, before the successful use of machines to seek; success, with the plot; successful, with Yang Mou. The number of successful by key skilled
54 and then some people did the thief official; some people a government official and then thieves. Some people had to buy name Lee,
Some people buy a name and then profit. Officer, a thief; fame one. No thief can steal beads officer; official of the thief was able to grand larceny. Possession of official position of the big thief thief; has a reputation before being Italian. Lu Pu-wei to the Yuan from the conspirators to Saddam Hussein; from strategists to today's gold-plated Su, Dr. Yang. What else?
55 tortoise and the hare, the tortoise will win, when the rabbit occasionally sleep; turtle will lose the time to catch up when the rabbit; but the tortoise will always win, if the time unit magnification. The turtle's life much longer than the rabbit. People have to eat the loss of small losses, in the present; but certainly a great one, in the future.
56 Little things caused by the event; some event is caused by a minor.
What is big,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what is the little things, you know?
57 greatest marriage is a gamble, because you set an entire life to do a bet;
marriage is the biggest business deal in life, because it is not when expectations of earnings;
marriage is the greatest adventure; as it always has unforeseen results.
58 middle-aged passion still; Youth has matured. This is a state. Innocent little old to be stable.
59 high-spirited, the Yong Jin and sing, to half a hero;
badly beaten, the drinking of blood crooning, it is half a hero.
cross-flow between the sea, Rongrubujing, is a hero.
60 plan had not be successful in life; can not be successful in life planning.
61 people who will not produce life; will produce people who will not live.
The result: the former is the cause of nowhere; which their livelihoods.
62 pure and full of business scholars are hard to become a major event. The author is a literary event into the business;
into a big businessman is a businessman and the literati. Maverick scholar; businessmen seek common ground. Literati vulgarity; businessman Romans. Scholars pay attention to personal charm; merchants cater to mass tastes. Scholars seeking a unique personality; businessmen seek universal common; scholars and social distancing; business contacts with the social Qinmi. Scholars often in business, culture, lost business smashed, never go back. As has been watered down wine, different good things destroyed; businessmen from the text often is not the culture, business concentration, the cultural market
dirty. Filled with the cultural garbage is their masterpiece. Scholars and businessmen, many of the contradictions in harmony rolled into one, it is not easy so difficult to do a good business culture. This requires excellent balance, as in the rocky mountain, riding a galloping horse, and not let the hands of a bowl full of water overflow.
63 to see a person's character, not only to see what he can do good things better; it up to see him do a bad bad thing.
64 without any disadvantage to a person, he will lose all the advantages.
65 What is smart? Said the wise words of the wise; of stupid people say stupid things.
What is stupid? Said on the stupid words of the wise; of smart people say stupid things.
What is honest? Honest people tell the truth of the words; dishonest dishonest people say the words.
What is silly? Dishonesty of honest people say the words; for dishonest people to tell the truth to say.
66 half heard people say the letter is smart; know which half of the credible, is smart.
67 accused face behind the Quarry; praise people in front of people after the criticism. This is your real friend. However, such basic extinct pandas. Art critics nowadays pay attention people pay attention to method, but its concentration and texture, like the soup with water; like mix of sugar drug.
68 people appreciate something, the following situations: sincere appreciation of; out of courtesy;
irony is that the; no time to fool you; not appreciation level.
first person is honest; the second person to be false; third person is sophisticated; fourth person attitude; fifth person capacity.

69 to see the quality of a nation, depends on its public toilets;
a place to see the quality of life, depending on where the person's teeth;
look at a community rich and poor conditions, depending on the area that people discarded garbage;
see a man's taste, depends on his socks;
to see if the women clean the kitchen to see her;
look at a person's intention , see his eyes;
look at a person's worth, depending on his opponent;
look at a person's cards, depending on its side friends;
to see the relationship between two people, to see happen the occasion of accidental injuries, the other side of the tension;
to see the friendship between friends, when you look at abjection;
looking character, depending on the word straight draw;
to see mind and see the face of failure and betrayed;
the nature of Man, look at his face after the outbreak.
70 a person can give up anything, mainly to see what he wants. Could give up the things ordinary people can not give up, it must be like to be ordinary people can not get things.
71 pseudo greater good will be great; Emirates will be the larger private. And all those seemingly unselfish love, is one of the most selfish and the most cruel man. Selfish and cruel enough to abandon their loved ones.
72, the more humble servant to do; call the shots the more brutal midnight. The pursuit of power, not their human dignity;
it does not enjoy the right to respect for human dignity of others.
73 not to discredit itself, not from the business; do not wash themselves, not from the text. Therefore, a good culture businessmen are painted face.
74 What is leadership? That led a group of outstanding people than their own people.
75 as leaders, we can not see the shortcomings of staff; can not be staring at the staff shortcomings.
not see the shortcomings, will use the wrong person; old staring at shortcomings, will be no use. I'm just talking about leadership?

76 can only say that some things can not be done; some things do not only have to say; some things can not be done can not be said;
something here can not say.
77 to see whether the benevolence of a friend, you go to him complain;
to see whether the meaning of a friend, you look for him to borrow money.
to see whether the ceremony of a friend, you observe how he and disinterested people to speak;
to see if a friend of wisdom, you find him to help you come up with ideas;
a friend to see whether the letter, he tested a trivial matter on the promise.
78 firmly in the negative, sometimes into the firm's positive transition.
79 for others, like the girl's pink grease, the less the better;
life skills, like the general's armor, the more thick the better.
thought, like precious gold, the more pure the better;
language, like the beauty of the skirt, the shorter the better.
09 in the outside world can not stand the pressure, the Society of bending it. Not bend down and destruction, it is an art of life.
10 do not watch others to me, people look at others.
11 little people to be stingy; VIP to the atmosphere. Low hand-eye to low; hand-eye higher high.
little atmosphere, is the hand-eye high-low; VIP stingy, the hand low high eye.
For both, this is a sad and unfortunate.
12 to learn from people you hate; friends with people who hate you.
13 people who have the ability to have temper; not afford the people Meipi Qi;
afraid there is no ability to temper; it is best to have the ability to but no temper.
the first two is the normal state of nature; third is strange; the latter is a saint.
fourth person: innocent man, worldly things; can be friends, but also to work; to make friends with them like a spring breeze, were held flourishing;
; fifth person: false naive man, really sophisticated things. Or is the devil, either National Cheng Kung industry. And the fifth person to deal with the most dangerous in the name of a friend he would stab you from behind the knife.

second person know that you do not know; understand that they can not do, is wise;
third person did not know you know; do not understand What they can do is muddle-headed;

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