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Full human resource configurations

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【human resource configurations
martial arts martial arts long-lost secret of human resource configurations -------- text
text! ! ! ! 】

Master: heaven, damage can not be replenished, the actual occurrence of virtual real victory, winning more than less. Bo its meaning, its reasoning is Austrian, and its deep interest, as the points of heaven and earth, yin and yang of the waiting list, the change of the table, Chang trillion of life and death, not seeking the remains from the same, not about the quiet Mingsi Qi, verifying their words have Micro, Intuit is not a matter of experience, honesty can be described as Shido of cases, on instructions from the beginning of students carry on. If the secret Xunfa, Miao Xuan Tong knowledge, as corporations are seeking almost Shengzhi, standard cell is also funded training in governance, not help the line was never sent, the production Zheyi not help. However, intensive research deliberately, Exploration, Solitude or lease you really want to know, not all cattle are present, so the move is successful, I still like quiet ghosts, and life world sage, when the time out of Yan.
Solid Organs Six of the essence the government, are into the eyes but to do fine. The case is fine eyes, fine bone for the pupil, the black bars of fine eyes, the blood of the energy network, the essence of his case as the supercilious air, the muscles of the fine is bound, wrapped captures the essence and blood and bones and for system clock , belongs to the brain, the latter for entry. So evil in the entry, because every of its body is true, its people deeply, then with the eye line to enter the brain, the brain switch to start Mian, Head, Department of the brain turn the argument acute emergency department head is dizzy to turn carry on. Evil of its essence, the essence of the comparison does not have the fine powder, fine powder depends on manifold, depending on the Qi see two things.
cathode in six words why nine. Tai Chi two appearances, the world first sub-plane. Yin already has the six, seven owned by PVI every element, too prime Western Kinder, pure yin, cold of origin.

\Southern days back panel facing north, which means the line with the palms of them. Note Dan Tianyi Yang Italian move, so recovery of the two points. Dangxiong together even for the Buddha, infuriating rotate them consistently. Gas line Rendu small Zhou, Wen raised a stick of the pubic region. Speed line XXXVI, the first tier of nine positive magic. Daily son,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Kenneth, d, d is unitary when looking for a chi weight, preferably four high school low. Sitting facing north, five heart overturned, meditation must consider, meaning keep the pubic region, to a first motion of the sun, the hands together even in the chest, fingertips forward.
cited pubic region upstream of the gas along the Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel classified under the pubic region. So to be small Zhou thirty-six circle. From slow to fast. After the gas go pubic region, palms forward and backward, palms forward, metacarpophalangeal air, gas line palms. Palms that sag, metacarpophalangeal down, palm down, rapid recovery, the sea air hole aligned left palm, right palm aligned Mingmen, infuriating handy spiral-type penetration into the sea air, Vital two points. Meeting in the pubic region. This means keep a stick of the pubic region of the time. This function is training to be a certain skill, can send and receive freely, when a cold repair of the second tier power.

The second tactic, saying: arctic noon now, sitting in a ice bed. **, Facing north, gas line small Zhou. Five heart overturned type, open the door pubic region. Spiral into the cold, send and receive as freely. Hopewell Department of the pubic region, not of falling Xuexue. If a cold shrink beads, when the snow-free of snow. Expansion for the fog ring body, jiuyin the second weight. Daily noon, looking for a arctic, the surface of the North back south, five heart air, sitting on the ice bed (a kind of jade, the same all year round, such as ice). People today practice ice or snow in the practice, meditation must consider, start Zhou thirty-six lap, meaning keep the pubic region a moment, open air sea, Vital two points, respectively, into a spiral into the cold, smoking a stick of the time, turn off the above two points, pubic region and then in a cold spinning ball, the greater will turn to the three-Zhang Yuan every body to recover. Eighty so again once they got off the body instead of snow, put three feet of air when the snow does not fall away from the body is perfect.

third tier tactics, saying: methods such as the second tier, yin and yang to each other grams. Intended to repair Gangqi, the Heat does not invade France. Yin Yang in truth, jiuyin third tier. Midnight daily, looking for a very hot place, sitting on the tripod on the fire (modern people to practice sitting on the iron, the fire underneath, should be slowly heated to not patience for the degree.) Back south facing north, five heart overturned, meditation must consider, starting cold to prevent heat intrusion pubic region, and its practice is to chill for the second layer of the anti-heat. This is \

fourth heavy tactics, saying: Act as the third weight, Yin Yin living together. Gang Qi with the repair, hydrostatic most of the law. To practice true yin yin, jiuyin fourth weight. Anytime, to find a stationary pool, five heart air, sitting on the bottom of the lake, meditation must consider, the water level but the neck, navel infuriating to run the water pressure resistance, the method and the third the same weight until the body into the water, and clothes do not become wet as. Then the river to find a mobile practice, practice under the rapids, but not wet for adult clothing. This \If placed with a palm strike to infuriating people, is urging the palm heart.

Fifth heavy gas tactics, saying: gas is not gas, mouth closed eyes open. Mystery is present, air dried tripod together. This method for improving internal force of the law, to present the essence of absorbing gas within the universe together, mostly practicing his eyes, so eyes can ask the police when the enemy is clear, and a spirit-intake effect the enemy. Daily Sun will be out of the occasion, stood on high, eyes flat as the sun, with eyes and fever, the idea of the sun from the eyes of the gas exchange in the pubic region inhalation, absorption sinks to a certain extent since the days of head hole injection, eyes in the back, so forth.

\If Canada can increase its power 九阴白骨爪 times. How far a state can be turned diversion of custom, the second law to the public this information.

tactics, saying: left one, left half. Right one, right half. Turn around one is different, too, turned one more spin.

tactics, saying: L D-earth rotation, the right step left empty flat spin. Yin and Yang is the co-hand spin, spin the right step is not left empty. Although shenfa indeed with Metaphysics. By reference to \This feature is mainly sub-study, lunch and two o'clock, the other time also. Must choose an absolute quiet, the air must be smooth. In this work are snorting nasal breathing call. This feature in the perseverance of your learning. Work will appear in a variety of fantasy, do not be afraid, let it be. Practice in a natural vacated, should go with the flow, must not make improper ideas.

\bursts, people do not attack from the back, shudder.

first re: sit facing north, take five heart overturned type, upper body upright, the top virtual spiritual strength, tongue touching the palate, lower jaw slightly closed, binocular. Hands at the pubic region into a care in the type, that is, palm up, palm of relative, meaning keep the pubic region of a stick of incense, cited infuriating from Du, Ren-line to the pubic region, and table tennis in this converging to the true size of the balloon, The Sechi. Muttered, ideas into the waves in the pubic region of the infuriating ring, if the waterlines of the state. Touch the skin bounced back to be repeated the number of Double Ninth.

The second: the Italian wave cycle, from the inside out as a casual spin, spin to gather from the outside in, parting the right balance between yin and yang, yin and yang balance, all of this. Gradually, such as void, and Yu resonance method as above.

third tier: the natural stand, feet shoulder width, hands placed on the legs outside of nature, a hundred at the top of the tongue flat, binocular head, breathe, meaning keep the pubic region of a stick of incense time, then nodded,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], breathing, abdomen, mouth-fat ghost with sound, while intended to lead the sound spread out with infuriating pubic region; rise, breath, mouth closed, meaning to recover, infuriating go in the pubic region, and so forth. A little lift of, one last look up and down play, since the opening throat chakra, throat chakra opening of Magic Music from the present.
fourth weight: no Yam Yam Gang Gang
no, that sounds Gang invisible. The second tone infinity, can protect the body against the enemy, they can sound control treatment to others or to others. The training method is very simple, just put \.

scroll down

\Its claws into the hole and not make the skull broken, Claw has powerful suction to extract or learn from others Distance skill, strong claws that can be Taking a fresh assault through. A closed off, the opening and together, in line with martial Boulevard truth.
first tier gold hand tactics, saying: Southern days back to sit facing north, gas line penetration Ojo Rendu. Intended to gather pubic region of a stick of incense, so gather palm branches. Vital points to open the sea air, gas penetration ten full red claws. Kun-chi for a spin into the furnace, put gold back and forth close hand. Where learning 九阴白骨爪 must first learn jiuyin magic hundred days, in a very yin, the valley is better. Back south facing north, five sitting in the lower heart overturned. Put his hands on the lap, palms down, meaning keep the pubic region. On the sea air, the Gate of Life, Department of rotation in the pubic region inhalation chi. Shun any gas, the two pulse uplink Governor Meeting in Dazhui, Jian Jingxue on the right into the palm, air full of drum sticks, palm from the flat chest. Fingers down, gas penetration means that the deduction fingers, pull back, hand silk one. Return air pubic region, temperature raising incense. The second tactic
Mastermind said: front and back doors open pubic region, Samadhi wildfire of the invisible. Sucked into the ghost ghost prison yin essence, Yam Kung is more into this. This method is a very secret of the law, people can open the mystery of life and death, drawing on the ghost of the gas, while others can be negotiations between the ruling skill soul. Find a cemetery, no one in the middle of the night when the back of the south facing north, five heart air, palm heart upward, the thumb button the little finger the other three fingers straight. Stand left chest, palm toward the left, thumb, middle and unknown, be deducted from the little finger, index finger straight, the mouth chanting \and, ghost battle, you microphone microphone chanting 'mouth suddenly' \Then carried over the head with both hands, palms together, a sharp air, open air sea, Vital two points, two-cavity injection from the chi, into a spiral from small to big, such as a tornado, like the wild spirit of the two points involved in the exchange in the pubic region, practice a stick of the time, began to melt refining. Palms placed on the lap, palms facing up, countless ghosts Italian Shoudan Tanaka pubic chi is a ring, closed account can not come out. Ideas began to spin the ball navel sealing the soul, and ideas from numerous wildfire suddenly cemetery, the same way the soul of the wildfire inhalation ball outer cover the pubic region, burning ghost melt refining, non-stop from slow to fast rotation, the fire from small to big, until melted so far. Received power, temperature and keep the pubic region of a stick of incense. If the skill or element is used to draw others to God, above the same reason in its approach. The third re-bones training
claw tactics, saying: bones of the dead hanging his head, turned into the second bone. Suspended nine points, so the hands of capture. Hopewell yin beads, smoking and negative absorption fine ghost. Kun Qi sinks furnace, the return of Dan furnace. Back south facing north, five heart overturned, sitting in the cemetery, meaning keep the pubic region a moment, meaning keep their own graves before and after nine, nine flying skull burst open, then open the idea of the sea air, Vital two points, injection Rotate infuriating small to large, the nine skulls to hang up and about at the top of my head, slow rotation. Eyes from the skull of each gas injection a red line, respectively, launched into BAIHUI, jade pillow, the smell of mutton, about Jianjing Xue, Ling-tai, the sea air, the Gate of Life in nine acupuncture points and acupuncture points in getting together in each into a ball, then the nine red balls simultaneously from the two clock sinks in the pubic region Rendu, meaning keep the pubic region to make gasification combined. Then lucky enough palms consistent infuriating, because the reverse power, palms flat chest lifted, the penetration into the fingers, fingers claw suddenly, when thoughts turned to each other that the nine skulls, the skull in front of the party into two. Palm inhalation of the protrusion of the two hands of the skull, and then fingers caught inside the skull buckle, release infuriating to grab the skull into the ten holes, and then sucked back into the infuriating, but the infuriating draw the skull attributed to the pubic region. Received power, temperature and keep the pubic region of a stick of incense. To the skull of every task into a hole and the air bone is not broken, 九阴白骨爪 into a carry on. Training needs of this state to practice with the external work of the fourth weight.
fourth heavy external work tactics, saying: gas penetration to the pubic region fingers, civet cats trees down power lines. Stone blacksmith training means grasping force, work with internal and external repair of bones. Normal to the gas penetration in the fingers for the change in top extract, in the grasping fingers, practice hard,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], things should be used for light to heavy, from near to far. In the can upside down in the tree, his legs under the tree, and then slowly upward with the fingers grasping the tree in order to practice refers to the force. The weight training should be the same with the third tier. Heavy weight reaches the fifth
this feature has become the fourth, the fifth weight of effort to deepen its insidious even harder. With ancient coffins, bats, blood, arsenic three objects heated water to diffuse hand, to practice both inside and outside work, so that the hands of a highly toxic, as no rescue hand hurt.

\Can be sharply from the ground Shu Zhang, Ping Kong can fly thousands of miles, the body is surrounded by a layer of natural Gangqi, attack enemies. The superior training can be turned into the nine figure, the supreme Buddhist martial art \

first re: outdoor practice, allowed the wind, loose to wrap the body wrapped around the objects, activities about the joints, with the idea of the body to relax muscle, bone, meat, and hides. Then take five heart overturned north side or sit cross-legged, upright upper body, the virtual top-Jin Ling, tongue touching the palate, slightly lower income, binocular head, his hands palm upward, palm of relative, and holding a place in the pubic region office, intended to keep the pubic region a stick of incense, and then holding up his hands gently along the route to Tanzhong Point Conception Vessel Department, holding his hands into the lotus-like hands and heart as opposed to heel even, metacarpophalangeal up, hands and fingers naturally open, then the holding to the top of the head, while the slow breathing, with the idea of holding the potential, the Earth will Zhiyin chi into a spiral by the inhalation, the pulse rose to head in Baihui injection into a spiral; then changed hands palm down, and downward pressure to the pubic at the same time, breath, mind under the pressure of the situation with both hands, the clouds of heaven Baihui spiral inhaled through the veins will Zhiyin into a spiral by the injection, and so forth.

The second: the first type: the north face sitting, power connected to the heavy, five heart back, with the upper body upright, the top virtual spiritual strength, tongue touching the palate, lower jaw slightly closed, binocular. Gently lift your hands, palm down, palm of relative put in place in the abdominal cavity, a distance of about beat up his hands in the fingers wide, shoulders down, elbows fall, arms to \Yin Xue injection spiral chi ideas will spin into the ground the body to the ground indeed. Spiral chi suddenly recovered the body, such as spring-like bounced back to the ground.

second type: essentials the same. Qingtai hands, palms facing up, palm of relative, head held high to the side, arms slightly bent, like music non-starter, like straight non-straight, ideas, spiral chi Baihui injection, such as aircraft propellers, the personal care , the party flew to the seventh heaven is the limit. At this point the body floating in the sky, suddenly recovered chi, who fell from the sky to the ground.

third tier: In the second re-opened on the basis of the first type of sea air hole, Mingmen injection spiral infuriating, from left to right around the body, mind infuriating the power of the body with the screw up, or Ping Kong flight. At the same time practice to add a foreign invasion,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not meaning into or damaged, which can exercise the body Gangqi ring.

fourth weight: This is a better effort, that the above practice in the water power, in bringing Ibid.

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