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For the body to grow more and more beautiful you m

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(21) has just been completed when the mosquito bites, apply soap and would not itch.
(23) If the throat, inflammation of the gums, and at night watermelon cut into small pieces, dipped in salt to eat, remember that it must be night, when the symptoms will be reduced, the next day like a
(24) eat the smell of things, such as garlic, tofu, and eat a few peanuts like a
(25) flowers, the drop of detergent in the water, can be maintained for several days.
(26) feet sweat easily in summer, a day with salt water can be effective response feet sweaty feet
(27) anti-insomnia: too much before going to bed less about words, avoid drinking tea, before going to bed do not Dayong brain, and feet in hot water and vinegar; (2 easily becomes dry, rough hands, hands soaked with vinegar for ten minutes to skin care;
(29) rubbing the face with tofu every morning a few minutes for a month , face will become very moist;
(30) [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] are stained, you can wipe with cotton dipped in essential balm.

(1) shampoo, put a pinch of salt in the water, but also can prevent hair loss.
(2) wash your hair with vinegar, can make hair floating along, easy to manage and the effectiveness of both dandruff. Particularly suitable for hot dyed hair.
(3) toothpaste when brushing your teeth with a small soda,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], brushing teeth after three white jade, rust teeth naturally fall off.
(4) put a few slices of tea a day chewing in the mouth three times, it will give you mouth to keep fresh, three days after the removal of bad breath.
(5) Heat over the fire with a peach on the pain of the teeth after the bite, so a few times and never toothache.
(6) sleep mouth with a piece of orange peel, with fifteen minutes 3-5 times to cure snoring spit teeth.
(7) a day, morning and evening, Chili, and slowly swallow, keep 3-4 days, oral inflammation immediately improved.
( with a white paste on both sides of the temple Luobu Pi,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], posted 20 minutes every night, can cure migraine.
(9) the large light blue within the chopper on the small cap, small cap before going to sleep the pillow can be placed in fell asleep for a few days to cure insomnia.
(10) or injured ribs after the leek mash, a little boy of less urine, swelling can be attached to the wound a few hours, three days can return to normal.

(11) port at each egg with a facial, wash with water after an hour, as can often rub the skin more tender. (12) orange with a \When oranges are a lot of people on the orange \In fact, there is rich in flavonoids, beneficial to the body.
(13) 8 am to 10 am and 4 pm to 7 am, the sun is the best time to health.
(14) tea health is the best time 1 hour after meals.
(15) 3 minutes after a meal is a mouth, brush your teeth the best time.
(16) to sleep every night to come to a warm water bath (35 ℃ ~ 45 ℃), enables the body's muscles, joints, relaxation, blood circulation, help you sleep.
(17) after a meal 45-60 minutes per hour and 4.8 km of the speed of walking for 20 minutes, the heat consumption of the largest and most conducive to weight loss. If you take a walk after dinner two hours later, the effect will be better.
(1 evening exercise is most useful.
(19) upward, mouth slightly when eyedrops,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so that chaos will not blink an eye.
(20) eyes the dust into a small, close your eyes and cough hard a few,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the dust will own it.

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