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Five women Vanves

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PostWysłany: Sob 10:40, 18 Gru 2010    Temat postu: Five women Vanves

good woman five: loving, understanding woman.

Good Woman II: steady, tasteful woman.
and all the mature woman, she also had a young girl pure, naive, confused, confusion, dreams and experience the process of emergence. Laughed and cried; happier, have been in pain; loved, and lost before. Because of this experience and have had experience, she is better than the kind of superficial, hypocritical, shallow, ignorant, butterfly-like women more content, pure, gentle, understanding, tolerance, wisdom, confidence and stability. This woman informed, more open perspective, to \She knows the art of carefully selected, in the face in the crowd, the know how to find, select, identify, appreciation perfect match confidante. Therefore, she knows how Quweicunzhen, identify what gold.
spiritual pursuit than material gain, not necessarily reading break rolls, but there are ideas, good taste, far from the vulgar, shallow and frivolous disposition, great emphasis on the exchange of hearts and feelings, and Unlike ordinary people with the aesthetic character and principles of life. Similarly, she also worldly air, is still not aloof to the needs of basic necessities of life, love could not understand the logic. The difference is, she knows \The man in her eyes, maybe not fame,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but there must be potential. Even if unsuccessful, she can still appreciate your efforts and tenacity when fighting, because she knew a man alone in this world is not easy. Therefore, she can accept your vision of an inclusive work and pay. Of course, do not want to marshal the troops is not a good soldier, but not all soldiers can become Napoleon; nature, not on the money men earn is not really successful men, but not all men can become the Li Ka Shing and Bill Gates. She knows the road, out of this reason, you forge ahead on the road to enjoy the attention she will love you, watched you, along with her own efforts, assistance,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], support and trust be given to you,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], no matter whether or not, she does not you will be too demanding, nor unreasonable blame you. Her taste is that understand you, appreciate you, can you with the joys and sorrows, understood, and Shen Wu is only the joint efforts of two people is a better start a happy life. Her reason for this tolerance and taste, because she loves you. Love, you can salvage a warm, can also accommodate your good and bad, for love in love satisfied. Of course, everything is changing, the same emotions and love, too. She is good to know even one day to leave you, it does not hurt you is the way she went, would leave you with dignity. Have such a friend around, doing a man's glorious defeat.
with her you will have the hearty and the pleasure of a spring breeze, in front of her you are relaxed, happy, true, is childish, you do not need to deliberately disguise a heroic spirit , daring look. Your tired, heavy, worry, frustration, regret, impetuous, pressure, hard work was her understanding all incorporated into the package in her graciousness. She is water that can melt you; is fire, can burn you, her charm is that index: the most is the bow of the gentle!

these five women, were any of them If it is really you meet your good fortune, luck, good fortune. After all, it's a fashion nowadays is \If not \But there is no doubt that this view has been in the minds of many men bears a \Recently, sophistry that the bad man will make money, it makes sense, who saw honest, honest, law-abiding men earn the money? Now is the only love money, so in the eyes of many wealthy men women more sexy, more promising, as long as I marry the rich is the last word, because the romance is the need to rely on money. In front of this trend, the five women with a worldly point of view is the \In fact, a silly woman is the man around the treasure. If you do not believe, you can look at those \Like these women have complete control over the drug as these \If your side has such a \Cherish it!
continues to ponder the life experience, trim, and improve their own, while also continue to trim, appreciation, and perfect for you. At the same time, but also the truth, open-minded and happy to pass to you. She does not harsh, judicious, Xiao human, not fussy. Facing you, though, when she had nagging, it is because you did not make her less of a \She can give you confidence, courage, courage, strong, do not expect you to sky, but something, do certain things. More often, she wants you to live a happy, happy, outspoken, frank and dignity, as her eyes next to your mediocre Sheng, frustration and abjection.
man's life, stand Gao Bugao, goes far, far, in fact, depends on a particular aspect of the woman behind. The following article, tells the story of five good men life of a woman ... ...
have men and women living in the place, there will be love; a place of love, there will be a strong current is generally seen between men and women produce the kind of intense mental and physical feelings of admiration. Love can bring us the joy of uncertainty, but also give us cause deep pain. This is the power of love, her devout, there are vulgar; have admiration, but also disgust; there happily, there are also frustrated deserting our ideas, she was the one of the most profound spiritual impulse. Feuerbach said: \avoid \No good woman, but where's the man? The following five good man good woman is the most phase of the most popular.

good woman four: sincere, open-minded woman.
met such a woman is fortunate man in the world. Not greedy woman more peaceful state of mind and the satisfaction of knowing that she knew the soft material inside is more important than the heavy. Today,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this is a rare and very valuable quality. Because of indifferent Ming, not mercenary, she can cope with life challenges and temptations arise, she will not easily unscrupulous, see Choi immersed, but will not push the troubled wife of a thousand miles, \And you, brilliant, she will be proud of your glory; abjection, she will be encouraging to your frustration. Love you, is to accept you; options with you, is to choose a happy, happy to meet with the poverty, misery and hardship. But remember, she did not choose disappointed, if you are a real man to not let her down, because the disappointment most likely to knock down a woman, especially a good woman. You ugly, you can also poverty, but you just can not make her disappointed, because the hope for a peaceful, not greedy woman who means everything!

one good woman: pure, have a certain life experience of the intellectual woman.

good woman of the three: peace, not greedy woman.

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