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First night off after the change ... ... (very sad

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PostWysłany: Sob 10:24, 18 Gru 2010    Temat postu: First night off after the change ... ... (very sad

That is their first night. His, and her.

Her in his arms, said: I was you. Since you are only.

Said he held her: his wife , I will never touch another woman.

that stage, the good gluey.

woman he once gave himself to everything he felt of the. finds his life to be with him, not easy to break up with me. she. so after all she put up.

Gradually, the number of times they zuoai change from 3 times a week as 1 week and then turned into once a month.

he always said he had no energy.

Well, you should pay attention to the body. she said.

again Then, every night into a telephone appointment. and then later became a short message. or sometimes not even the short message.

he said we were an old married couple,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and why has such a care in the form ah.

she did not speak.

he said good night.

she cried.

she did not know what's wrong between them so that he had these changes. I remember who and she said that if a man will not touch her, just do not love her.

later she finally knew that he had slept with another woman. It is said that woman is not the first time. but that woman is bad,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], make him happy soon. he and the woman stick together every day.

and she and he had been almost two months there has not been related, Even very little contact.

when he saw her a little surprised. She saw him crying. She said you have not touched me almost two months.

He did not speak. took her hand to a nearby hotel. Along the way are so quiet, without a word.

they opened the room as usual. She showered out. He was sitting motionless on the sofa. He did not even look at her. At that moment, she seemed to hear her heartbreaking voice. choked back tears, he took off his bathrobe .. no response.

She said: \responsible to you. This is our last. \.

but he found that no matter how hard she, between them have been over, before he would kiss her all over in every corner, but today he did not.

after completion She lay in bed asked him, \I remember that time you said then? He said people are bound to change, we break up.

she now still clearly remember his phrase, \>
And now, she found,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], people really are bound to change.

broke up after her all day to stay at home during the day, the only thing the Internet can do. At one point in the met a man online. He said to see her body, and said money to see a 100Q. She suddenly thought of them last time. when he was little interest in her body no.

Suddenly, she cried. and then, even took off all his clothes.

night and that she never met the users to open the room. She made him very happy. He asked her to do his girlfriend, she refused.

next day, she began looking for new objects,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], chat during the day, at night they go one-night stand.

she felt he had, and as prostitutes. She and different men to go to bed, and some handsome, some bad, a small sixteen-year-old, the old two or three years old. And, she never asked them to use condoms. she wanted his body covered with different men smell, so he will not smell the smell.

QQ, a chance encounter him, he changed the name, she did not recognize him. He said that a look? her thought it was a guy look at the body. She still clothes stripped, his body facing the camera .. see the other images, she forgot how time is a feeling. goes on many times there have face in her memory now, but only in a dream.

She laughed.

he was about to meet her, he said, how do you come to this. she answered him, who are bound to change, not only you will. He said, why do you spoil yourself, what you do and the difference between a prostitute. She said difference ah, I do not charge them money. But if the object is you, you give me a million I will not sleep with you again.

tobacco spit in his face, she was gone.

mouth from friends was that he went to the bar every day with different girls home for the night.

once, and she in his arms said, \do not touch another woman. \The MM Oh ~ ~ Do not let her be the next one she ~ ~

I do not like the story, or want to take a look, and my heart can not help but sort of a sense of loss, do not blame me, it will be beneficial.

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