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Find a map in the first sale of timeshare points

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shrinking volume also reflects the reduction in buying, in the case of declining buying the stock would not have too much power go up, so the trend of the late fall is normal! So investors during combat operations when the huge opening for this stock is best avoided on the appropriate red, stock prices sharply higher open day limit even if the profits of investors, how much space, in case of a fall, risk and return to there will be a great difference.
4, when stock prices rise, the upward trend is very clear.
Although the share price in early trading after opening
should be in the right way up to -1.5% -3% decline between the search. The first to appear often buy stock chart for the first time the true sense of high, so high, when the share price must not be too much of their gains, if the increase is too large, how high will meet the technical conditions for the first time it? Similarly, if stock prices fall too much, the stock price rose sharply to start the more likely low, rising less likely, which means the possibility of high stock prices is relatively small, often very little intraday stock fell sharply Yang Xian will receive the opportunity to reverse, although individual stocks there is such a phenomenon, but little movement in their first buy will meet the technical requirements. Therefore, the increase is too large and the price decreases over most of the first selling points is difficult to meet the technical requirements, so investors looking for stocks to combat short-term operation, the best from the decline in inflation between -1.5% -3% for stocks in the search, although there will be some trouble to find them, but the success of stock selection to the target rate is tremendous.
3, when the stock price rose, the more time-line up the steep angle;

stock shock for a while, they began heavy volume upside, buying time-line with the continuous increase in the intensity began to become very smooth, time-line straight line of the body at this time stronger. When the stock prices, there have been continuous turnover trend amplification, indicating that admission to a positive start funding the operation, the rising price of each wave have been large volumes of support, as long as the volume continued to enlarge, Since stock prices can be off the rose.
features a strong time-shares
description of disk

second wave of rising stock prices of greater intensity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], time-lines straight while strong, driven in large volumes, the stock will open a continuous rise. Time-line this time with a clear trend of strong features, so investors can rest assured that at this time were short-term operation of the bold, strong features of the event, the stock will surely continue!
strong trend not only to take stock of the K line shape will be exposed to the strong nature of the stock price, time-sharing plans can also be reflected. Strong strength of capital stocks actively promote the results, with more money than other stocks admission, the stock price will naturally form K line is stronger than other stocks. With a positive funds Admission price trend will be sharing the line a lot stronger than other stocks!
also affect the cost of the dealer. Therefore, short-term decision makers to ship in one day, they often can make a high opening price. Stock prices opened higher on the day of shipment for the dealer to provide a great deal of shock space, so when the short-term dealer ship is often a common form: a huge candle, a higher opening day shipping.
emergence of the first buy the stock later embarked on a continuous rise, buy a stock then there will buy up the most important features is the first one
break up the stock on the track channel, when the trend is very strong time-line, time line is not only smooth but also rose more intensity, the share price rise at this point is relatively large, and volume appear at this time the initial intensive and, therefore, investors can operate at this time admission. Rising price trend in line with the first wave of breakthrough buy the technical requirements.
Tiaokonggaokai stock, short-term reason for making the time in the ship always likes to make a high opening price trend is in the ship's time to have enough room for shock. So if the dealer will not be shipped to the positive support the market operation, making all of the ship movements are active, so will stock prices is bound to the knocked down, if not higher opening action,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the stock would not have enough shock, this will affect the dealer's income.
have asked for from the decline in inflation between -1.5% -3% in individual stocks to find, but also to consider the profitability of late, if the price increase is too large, such as the share price Tiaokonggaokai, then returns to investors will be greatly reduced. If investors from the decline in inflation between -1.5% -3% in individual stocks to find, once the late stock prices, investors profit space is relatively large. And if stocks from the large increase in the search, such as stocks rose 6% to remove the day's charges, even if the stock price rose the daily limit, only 3% of the profit margins, but not to the limit if the stock price, profit after buying Space will be very small. Therefore, small increases in individual stocks to find, not only the success rate of targeted stocks higher, and investors the profit margin is relatively large.
small increase in the stocks to find the first selling points, the risk is relatively small investors. If investors gain from the large stocks carried out to find, once the latter's sharp sell into the index, the biggest intraday amplitude rushed high tend to be those on the stock. And if the stock price volatility is very small, even with the index down, will not be much of the decline. If you buy there, but the expected price rise does not appear later, a small increase of the stock does not give investors too much damage, and high-rise if investors choose stocks, buy when failure rate is bound to fall in price greater than the decline of the stock was up.

short-term price movements are formed, because there is no intraday funds for the operation of the center line, short-term funds tend to be less amount of money, so the extent of positions is not high, as soon as the dealer will be shipped up space. Also, because making positions is not high, so the speed of delivery can be accomplished quickly.
exposed volume form, taking the number of trading volume has also exposed a problem, the opening price after the deal is huge, this massive evacuation opening is classic short-term movements of capital! The hands of the dealer's stock itself is very small, so the event of a massive, making their shares with the decrease in volume will naturally be less and less.
buy is not as interrupted as the first buy as a certain increase in the disk is easy to find investors, since the first buy up the stock position is often low, so the use of 81 or 83 see rise 5 minutes or 3 minutes to find the first gain in rank will not buy the. When using 81 or 83 see 5 minutes or 3 minutes when the rankings rise, investors tend to have missed the first selling points.

shares open sharply higher, as the makers of the ship provides a space for shock, the dealer could easily shipment, even if the share price will fluctuate and will not affect the dealer's profits. Making a huge volume of shipping out to provide a good opportunity! Buying in the face of numerous chase, that the dealer did not want to sell their stock it up? So sharply higher open, massive turnover and volume shrinkage of the Makers out to investors that the truth!
all stocks in the volatility process will form the top, especially the formation of the top short-term opportunities for more individual stocks. The center line of the top flight is relatively simple, because they are the top sideways shock for a long time, but short-term top flight is very difficult thing for all investors, because time is very short short-term top, and once formed top of the stock will decline in a row, once late to sell the stock and shortly fell down.

price rise will form a clear channel, formed in intraday rise in stock prices once the channel will continue an upward trend. Rise in the price formation of the channel when the trend is more time-line twists and turns, twists and turns in the stock price rose during the shock, investors can not short-term operation, regardless of the amount of energy change from, or from time-line operation mode , the stock price at this time there is no obvious trend of strong features.
second wave of rising stock prices more Jialing Li, with the higher stock price, trading volume enlarged again, indicating that the funds sought after dish is a great effort, funds contributed to the positive admission price going higher, sub- At this time when the line to maintain smooth operation of a strong way, and the stock rose again larger perspective, if you missed the first wave of increases, the second wave of short-term investors, we must dare to chase!
opening price after the transactions giving rise to a huge, huge turnover of people there must be an active ship in the session, in addition to the dealer who has so many shares? With the stock trading volume did not increase the magnification, but is gradually shrinking, the shrinking of the volume there is no way for the rise in stock prices provide a good momentum,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which is a departure from the typical volume and price movements, volume and price departure from the phenomenon once shipments, stock prices would be difficult to continue to rise! So investors and the emergence of such a huge amount of large high-opening transactions in active stocks must be avoided!
top features short individual stocks
If there is no huge candle

Shares opened higher after

1, volume of a regular zoom, and with the stock price higher and continued to enlarge;

stock prices process is relatively simple, single-rising stock prices that efforts to form a very large, when the share price rising phenomenon of little pause, the price is always straight up, and therefore constitute a continuous rise in stock prices . Smooth time-line makes the shares held soon following the closure to the limit, limit of stocks in a strong trend, such a smooth time-line of health is often seen.
positions as short-makers are not high, so investors during the operation of the time if the parties use to select the K line selling at prices often do not sell well, so to get some short-term operation according to time-sharing graph formed to determine the changes, the same selling points also need to use to determine the time-map Liangnengpeihe! Short-term dealer shipments, the figure in the time-fluctuation will be very obvious, though occasionally there will be some deformation of these laws, but its core idea is not change!
after the opening time-line price of running more twists and turns, at this time investors should not operate admission. Twists and turns that time-line running up the stock price dynamics is quite weak, so this trend is not appropriate for short-term operation.
the One found on the first map in the time-buy
the stock at this location tend to have a real sense the first time a new record intraday high for the first time hit the maximum amount of disk capacity, so buy it, said that it is: the first buy. The first position is often a reasonable buy, but investors are more easily from the diagram to find the changes in volume and price point.

weak financial stocks because there is no admission to actively promote, the disk will be very time-line trend of the twists and turns, and the volume change is also no law to speak of. The strong stock is different, because of the influx of active funds, so a strong time-line is very smooth and often tall and powerful intraday rise in stock prices will be relatively large angle, so the trend of investors have such stocks will have to be a positive action. The time-line of strong stocks tend to have the following characteristics:

buy on the first very high volume requirements, required by the Department in the buy volume must be moderate and continuous zoom, and can not be a breakthrough weird amplification. Every little higher price, trading volume will be a point corresponding to enlarge the same, once the volume in the stock price hit a new intraday high, not enlarge, it is often difficult to set up the first buy.
After opening
attracted by huge candle to the popularity in making shipment volume will be exposed when the dealer's intentions. Making short-term and will not hide from the midline making their own operations, as intended, their operations are often very direct. Raised the share price will rise quickly, and similarly, if the shipment will be unscrupulous. Therefore, when short-term stocks in the shipment, in addition to high open beyond the time will be released in the opening huge volume, the opening of the massive ship is a sign of wantonly making!
prices go up, they can appear a variety of selling points, the different forms of volatility, meaning buy is very different. Buy all the super-short-term, there is a buy position is ideal, accurate, and investors once the judge can be active at this location to buy, shares tend to rise then there will be a continuous trend.

shrinking volume buying less and less, buying less will lead to falling stock prices! After opening, they formed a huge volume of transactions, who is a huge volume sell? In addition to disk makers have so much stock, that investors can have so much in the hands of shares? So at this time is making massive shipments of action!
opening price after the time-line that can not be called smooth running condition, the opening price after the time-line is very tortuous, at a higher price at the repeated shocks, stock prices rise in a continuous upward trend, but volume at this point is more scattered and can not form a continuous moderate to heavy volume, so in this time-line short-term operation under the operating conditions should be taken to a conservative attitude.
price shock upstream, because of the volume of the enlarged capital of the admission, the stock's weak characteristics of time-line of a change, there is a clear trend of strong! Time-line when the first wave of rising tall and straight and very smooth and powerful point of view the rise in stock prices is relatively large, strong features in the stock prices, investors should be short-term operation time of admission!
Towards the end of morning, when stock prices suddenly a big bang, zoom illustrate the volume of capital-intensive operation began to admission! Admission is big money to promote a rapid rise in stock prices, in large volumes at the same time, the stock also broke up a fast new high intraday! Stock hit a new intraday high, trading volume amplification signs that this trend is the first buy the required technical features, when the stock price to meet these technical characteristics, investors should prompt admission to operation!

circle in the chart at the position of the first buy to buy, the share prices will start rising in a row, the first buy, once established, will be immediately and stock up.
dropping as they started to do a little fast rising trend, although the time-line when the stock price rose very Ling Li, but the volume but not with the share price increases. Stock price up, volume is down, which is a departure from the standard volume and price movements, volume and price appears departure, the stock is not a good performance!
this section for everyone to explain the most common short-term way of making the shipment. Makers must have enough to ship shock space, otherwise there is not much room for the dealer selling the initiative once the emission, the share price will quickly fall to
enlarged volume of funds to start a positive entry in the time-volume graph to enlarge the stock price rise in the fundamental driving force, and only moderate amplification constant volume, the stock will keep up rise. In the case of large volumes, the time-line of Wanwei further and further with high intensity, the original time-line became tortuous smoothly together. And the angle of the stock price increases are becoming more and more, all this shows is the strong rise in stock prices. So investors should be the highest intraday price-volume breakout when the operation time of admission!
occur precisely because the first price they buy up the characteristics,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which make the first buy some more suitable for short-term investors in the market value of the significance of the first clear buy, buy not only the difficulty of the technology is not high, and very easy to master, so Whether a beginner or more experienced investors are very applicable!
then turn down by 61 or 63 ranking by size of desirable gain in it? This approach is correct, but investors do not look for stocks among the biggest gainers from the first buy the stocks, because the share price to rise at the forefront, it means that stock prices already have a large space, under normal circumstances, once stocks rose more than 5% of the shares will miss the first buy, at this time can only buy the operation accurately. Therefore, among the biggest gainers of stocks sorted by the first buy the stocks looking for is not appropriate.

first buy occurred, share prices will start rising fast, pushing the amplification volume share price continued to rise faster, the first stock to buy up there is the most significant feature of the first buy!

【b】 found in the time-sharing plans to sell the first point

also opened sharply higher stock prices can be extended shipping time, making the stock room for a big shock, provided the dealer can also be extended by shipping time. Larger space, time, making longer shipments can increase the effect. This is why short-term stocks in the formation of the Federation when the top of a huge volume of the reasons.
it appeared after the opening share price rapidly rose, the stock rose when the time-line in line to run very smooth and straight body strong, shares rise angle is very large, this trend shows is the power of disk to do more strong. High stock prices rose one point each, with a moderate volume will be enlarged, which is perfect with the relationship between volume and price, only the volume and price with the perfect stock have the ability to keep up!
formed after the stock opened weak shock trend, although the second set price at a later stage a new intraday high, but the stock hit a new intraday high, trading volume did not correspondingly enlarged, indicating that the rise in the price the amount of time can not be recognized, when the volume is not enlarged investors should not be the trend as the first high buy! The first requirement must buy the first time intraday volume corresponding to the largest stock hit a new high!
no way to attract a good popularity, so in short when the dealer ship, closing out a huge candle in advance is essential, this will not only attract enough popularity, but also Makers can create more profits! The emergence of huge candle makers ship also provides a good shock space, so the formation of short-term stocks will appear more often eye-catching at the top of the gains.

opening price after the test a low trend has emerged, leaving the stock price dropping as the high point for the location offers something for later reference! Disk after the formation of the high points of the movement will exert great pressure, but if share prices in the latter part of the early high-volume breakout, the high spot will turn into selling points.
intraday stock price rose a strong opening when the time-line and operating conditions when the time-line comparison, significant differences can be seen, when the opening time-line twists and turns, while the rising trend is smooth when smooth and straight with obvious strong powerful features, this time-line running condition is the preferred short-term operation, with this time-line operation mode of the stocks are bound to be strong stocks.
price shocks do a little development effort launched after the upside, the amplification that intraday trading volume during the active promotion of funds, as long as funds are actively promoting the continuous rise in stock price movements will appear. In the case of large volumes of stock quickly broke up the opening of the new high, breaking through the high-point, first buy occurred, so investors in the stock heavy volume hit a new intraday high for the time of admission can be timely operation!
had high trend, but because of the volume of discharge does not appear continuous heavy volume and, therefore, did not immediately start late stock rise, stock prices are not high at this time can take it as a is the first buy! Although the first buy shares in the session also requires new highs, but without the support of large volumes, even if the share price hit a record high prices is difficult, because the volume is the main driver of stock prices, stock prices naturally are less motivated difficult to start a good rise!

new intraday high price as evident, so when the stock price exceeded the price change is very easy for investors to grasp, in the draining when the share price up as long as the signs of the attack, the investor can ready to buy at any time, in the event of continuous heavy volume upside, once the order, the first selling points can easily grasp.
investors when they are conducting short-term operation and to find a strong stocks, because only the strong stocks can rise faster, more high, giving investors a better return on investment! When strong stocks in the operation, in addition to the stock price analysis of K-line form outside the form of intraday time-line is crucial!
strong stocks strong features, not only reflected in the simple form on the K line, as long as stocks with a strong trend in the time-sharing plans are bound with strong signs!
Wanwei high in the July 1, 2005 around 2:10 pm, the share price began to slow up, to break in to a new intraday high, driven in large volumes of stock prices up fast, and powerful breakthrough The highest intraday point!
On this day a substantial
2, time-lines running very smooth, no sign of twists and turns;

buy stocks how to find the first

so whether there is something for the timing of selection, or from the profit point of view and perspective of risk aversion to choose, from the decline in stocks was up select stocks with the emergence characteristics of the first buy the stock, the success rate is greatest.

price adjustment after the third time in the stock price hit a new intraday high, trading volume trend is amplified, the amplification volume of funds that started a positive push operation, a strong intent to do more funds, stock prices will naturally good performance! Although the share price rise at this time, speaking from the form of the third set a new intraday high, but the significance of stock prices, this is the first heavy volume share price rise, prices hit a new high at this time point will have real sense the first time high, so this point is the first buy!
shares opened sharply higher on this day, giving rise to a higher open after a rapid price rise trend. In accordance with the requirements of short-term buy, the stock rose when the volume should be gradually enlarged before they can buy, but the process of stock turnover on the rise but it is a sustained contraction, the stock price up, volume shrinkage, which is typical departure from the trend in volume and price! Departure from the trend of volume and price for investors is to avoid, because with this trend, although stocks rose, but often are prone to ratchet down the trend!
description of disk

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