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Main content: On December 2 in the evening, the survey report that comes from 6 respects and expert opinion collect arrive Netease, hua Nahu incident thes whole thing comes to light, the tiger in the photograph is false tiger.
Netease works well,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,! Good beat " paper tiger " !
Already was before dawn fast 4 o'clock now, I break rules to renew my rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit again, because of a word in the heart: Bright! Had new progress again because of Hua Nahu incident,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,!
Although we know very well this is not final result, but this is right undoubtedly " Zhou Zhenghu " reach the increase chain with its giant backside, delighted and the deadly biff of dripping wet! Although the following road still is met very far,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, the public authority that from the people the hope sees comes out conversation and as -- incident comes to light Yu Tian falls, the person that make a holiday people one by one be executed -- still road of one end length wants, but we hope to look and believe: This is not an end, this is to begin merely,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,!
Netizens are not to suspect those who go up to feral Hua Nahu is in this world exist no longer, also not be the necessity that doubt has protective to Hua Nahu, but doubt is flagrant is -- it is name with Hua Nahu, group of small number of people, small increase is built holiday and protect a holiday! Cheater and individual officer confuse right and wrong, deliberately misrepresent, with respect to the new clothes as the emperor same, act the part swagger through the street that differs inside the move severally. Cheater is for oneself only illicit, so the consideration that what hidden is the bosom putting are officials? ... any a person with a discerning eye saw the relevant story with Hua Nahu the whole thing incident carefully, agree to think want, among them secret not Yan Ziyu.
The problem is, hua Nahu incident cannot get public right force tardy intervene, having toing say is a kind of distress! Under the circumstances, we do not count on the attitude of politics of be apt to, but at least do not answer lazy politics nonfeasance! The extensive doubt that should not face the public and keep quiet out of fear, or change a concept secretly " the true and false of the photograph cannot show feral Hua Nahu live condition " etc. Notice, the meaning of Hua Nahu incident has been head and shoulders above feral Hua Nahu have without, or the true and false of the photograph, however the problem of public letter force of the government! If the doubt on the net can't let those who fight dead realize the seriousness of the problem about the respect, so be known according to me " People's Daily " the article is criticized when with respect to Hua Nahu incident has been published 3 times, among them do one seem to cry " who should Hua Nahu incident let cheat be ashamed? " what do this show? As Shaanxi, there is BMW lottery ticket before, have today dragon pats a tiger, it is the issue that takes a head to assure, those who having different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever, if so dead pig is not afraid that boiled water is hot,maintain forcedly, let follow in the heart how does compatriots see you like bright mirror?
Turn from: If snow mirrors the rich guest article of front courtyard
See " Hua Nahu " the information of the tiger that it is a holiday,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] ,, your reaction is
Voting total number: 4999 tickets of �� of �� of �� of �� of �� of �� of �� of 6436 very glad �� (77.67% )
Very furious 564 tickets of �� of �� of �� of �� of �� of �� �� �� (8.76% )
The mood is insusceptible 873 tickets of �� of �� of �� of �� of �� of �� �� �� (13.56% )
[Voting end time: 2008-12-10 10:32:04]
"Hua Nahu incident " memorabilia:
On December 2: The whole thing comes to light! 6 experts maintain Hua Nahu photograph consistently to be a holiday
On December 2: "Divine explore " Li Changyu is right " Hua Nahu photograph " express an opinion
On November 27: Hall of Shaanxi province forestry is sure Netease announces Hua Nahu to be illuminated formerly but radically reform
On November 26: Zhou Zhenglong says to already called the police Hao Jinsong will offer law to help for Netease
On November 26: Photograph of number of the tiger austral complete set China is published on Netease net (group plan)
On November 21: Zhou Zhenglong is called a talk to say the country can prove he is blameless by forestry bureau
On November 19: Zhou Zhenglong of the person that Hua Nahu photograph films is pointed to Ceng Maihu New Year picture
On November 16: The netizen points to card " Zhou Laohu " original shape is a piece of New Year picture (group plan)
On November 12: Zhou Zhenglong whole nation collects a lawyer to sue frame a case against of teach heart annals
On November 9: " science " does print give Hua Nahu controversy to illuminate -- planar felid?
On November 7: Oppugn Hua Nahu to illuminate Hao Jinsong of Master of the law that make a holiday to sue Zhou Zhenglong
On November 2: Expert of Chinese Academy of Sciences hands over Hua Nahu photograph to make false report to the high level
On October 23: Zhou Zhenglong reports into Beijing bureau of forestry of country of the tiger austral discovery China did not make known his position
On October 12: Shaanxi saves forestry hall to hold a news briefing to show Hua Nahu picture
On October 3: Shaanxi farmer Zhou Zhenglong takes Hua Nahu picture in Ba Shan areasee more Information:

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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